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Mahmoud Abbas: Peace will be established with the end of the occupation

According to IRNA from the regional media, US President Biden, who is in the occupied territories, met and talked with Mahmoud Abbas during his trip to the West Bank and Bethlehem, the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority.

At the joint press conference with Joe Biden, Abbas said: We discussed ways to strengthen relations between us and examine what the United States can do to help revive the peace process.

Biden also emphasized in the continuation of this meeting that my commitment as the president of the United States has not changed to the goal of the two-state solution, the two-state solution includes the existence of an independent and geographically named Palestine.

The President of the United States stated that the goal of a two-state solution seems out of reach due to the restrictions imposed on the Palestinians, and the Palestinian people are upset, and the Palestinians have the right to an independent, sovereign and livable country, and there should be two countries. exist so that two nations can live side by side in security and peace and respect the rights of each other’s citizens and every citizen should be treated with dignity, which is obvious and fundamental.

He pointed out that the creation of two states may be out of reach because there are limits to its realization and for the Palestinians, but America will not give up before achieving peace.

Biden stated that despair cannot define our future, even if the ground is not ready to resume negotiations.

He said that he is trying to take practical steps to strengthen the path of peace and we must end the violence.

Biden also said about the killing of the journalist “Shirin Abu Aqla” by the soldiers of the Israeli regime that Abu Aqla, a Palestinian-American citizen, was killed while doing his duty in an independent media, and the United States has done its part in conducting an independent investigation into his murder. will support

The President of the United States stated that an additional 200 million dollars in financial aid will be provided to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees in order to continue its important mission.

American official sources previously announced that Biden’s approach to the two-state solution is clear and whenever the Palestinians and Israelis are ready to negotiate, he will try to bring their views closer to each other.

These sources said that in the meeting between Biden and Abbas, the two sides may discuss the issue of the lands of the Christian church in Jerusalem, which Israel intended to confiscate.

Previously, some sources suggested that the negotiations between the two sides would focus on economic issues and American financial aid without examining and discussing major diplomatic steps and important political actions.

Bethlehem was the last destination of the US President after his meetings with the leaders of the Zionist regime and before his trip to Saudi Arabia.

The meeting between Biden and Abbas took place within the framework of Joe Biden’s trip to the occupied territories, which began on Wednesday, after the meetings and talks between the President of the United States and the authorities of the Zionist regime.

In a press conference with the acting Prime Minister of the Zionist regime on Thursday, the US President emphasized the continuation of Washington’s support for Tel Aviv in order to guarantee the military superiority of this regime in the region.

US President Joe Biden arrived at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport on Wednesday, July 13 (July 22) to meet with Israeli officials.

An unnamed American official said that Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia is to create a strong regional structure and deepen Israel’s relations with regional partners.

During his Middle East trip, Biden also travels to Saudi Arabia while meeting with the leaders of the Zionist regime.

A few days ago, the White House announced in a statement that Joe Biden will visit the Middle East on July 13-16 (July 22-25), specifically Israel, the West Bank, and Saudi Arabia. did

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