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Many sympathizers warn about hijab before penetrating the hearts of others – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

Mehr News Agency – Department of Religion and Thought – Fatemeh Aliabadi: The concern of covering, chastity, and hijab is one of the genuine concerns of parents who want to pass this social value and religious duty to the next generation and they are concerned about how to do this so that their children will take this issue as a value for life. accept and be committed to it. Unfortunately, hijab and chastity have been attacked and attacked a lot in recent years, and it may be considered not only as a value but also as an anti-value in some other groups of teenagers, and this issue increases the concerns of parents about the issue of hijab and raises this question for them. How can the issue of hijab be brought to the generation of the eighties? Ninety I see Introduced as famous and a desirable matter?

To examine these issues and answer such questions, with Seyyed Mojtaba Horaei We had a conversation with an expert on educational issues, the result of which you can read below:

Seyyed Mojtabi Hourai, in a conversation with Mehr reporter, said about the way to promote the issue of hijab among teenagers and young people: a person who wants to explain and promote the issue of hijab among teenagers and young adults must first be a person who can penetrate into their hearts. Just as a nurse first makes sure that the needle is inside the vein before injecting a drug into a patient, the missionary must first make sure that it has penetrated into the heart of his audience, and then advertise and explain the issue of hijab.

This educational expert continued: The hijab preacher must be sure that he is lovable, trustworthy and reliable enough for his audience to be able to talk about the hijab. Unfortunately, it is usually the case that many sympathizers of the hijab issue warn, advise and teach others before penetrating the hearts of others, while this method generally has no effect. The preacher of the issue of hijab must first raise his behavioral and moral appeals and become familiar with his audience, and after making sure of this, he should promote or explain hijab. If we see a person wearing a hijab in the subway or on the street and want to talk to him about the personal or social effects of hijab, the probability of its effect is very low.

He pointed to the second way to correctly explain hijab and stated: The second issue that is very important for explaining hijab among teenagers and young people is that a person must first trust God and accept religion. If someone is sure that God created him and did not leave him in this world, God who is wise and merciful, if he accepts these basic beliefs and believes in them, it will be easy for him to follow God’s commands, even if their philosophy and wisdom If he does not know, he knows that God, the Wise and Merciful, does not command against the good and goodness of man. Therefore, teaching and inculcating basic beliefs is very effective in explaining the hijab issue, because if someone who does not know God and God’s religion is ordered to wear hijab, he says, “I don’t accept this part of religion and I don’t want to accept it.”

The preacher of hijab must be sure that he is lovable, trustworthy and reliable enough for his audience to be able to talk about hijab.

Haurai further stated: The third thing that is effective in the issue of hijab goes back to the larger level of society. For example, in the matter of marriage, you can’t constantly advertise that you should take marriage easy and get married, but on the other hand, some very popular TV presenters are in their thirties and still not married, this person who runs a popular program and in His work is very successful and popular, and he is not married. It conveys this message to young people that marriage is probably a big obstacle to success. It is the same in the issue of hijab.

This educational expert continued: If hijab is to be recognized as a norm and a positive event in society, it should be taken into consideration at the macro levels and planning. For example, government institutions are not obliged to hire a person who wears a veil, but unfortunately this happens. In many government environments, this issue is not paid attention to, and this inattention has very bad effects on the society and destroys all efforts in this matter. Hiring a bad-hejab teacher, who is also an attractive person in terms of personality and has high behavioral attractions, is a direct advertisement of bad-hejab to young people. Education must answer why it hires such women. Therefore, raising the behavioral attraction and influence in the heart of the audience, explaining and strengthening the religious foundations before dealing with the hijab and embedding the issue of the hijab at the macro level of society are three things that are very important and effective in explaining the issue of the hijab among teenagers and young people.

The change in the taste of young people regarding hijab is the result of lack of work and omissions

In the evaluation of the work done in the matter of hijab, he explained: Unfortunately, the actions that have been taken so far in explaining and promoting the issue of hijab have not been good at all. From the beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, as much as the work was done on the rulings and the cost and energy were not worked on morals. If first, deeper concepts such as modesty, honesty and purity should have been addressed, because if these concepts are accepted in the society, hijab and practical rules will be accepted more easily. It is natural that when people do not understand the deep concepts of religion, they do not like its appearance either.

Hauraei added: In the issue of hijab, if we want hijab to be recognized as a desirable and normal thing in the society, a public mobilization should take place in this direction. Just as during the corona virus, all the institutions and people were mobilized and tried to comply with the protocols, a national mobilization is also necessary regarding moral concepts, and first the human moral concepts that are seriously considered by religion should be accepted in the society, and then the hijab or other rulings be spoken If society pays attention to modesty, which is considered a value, hijab will follow. The problem with our work is that before dealing with the deep issues of religion, we dealt with its appearances, and this reduces the chances of success, and along with that, there are sometimes forceful and harsh interactions that make the work more difficult.

This educational expert pointed out the reasons for the change in the taste of young people towards the hijab and noted: The fact that the taste of young people has changed so much towards the hijab today is due to our shortness and lack of work. On the other hand, the expansion of relations with other countries and the virtual space and its effects on the young generation cannot be denied. The intense media attack of the enemies of the revolution and the transfer of their culture through the media or virtual space is slowly showing its effect in the society. That external attack and this internal lack of work have gone hand in hand and changed the taste of young people towards religious values ​​such as hijab. When some people commit sabotage with a seemingly religious face, it is natural that the young audience gets a bad feeling about religion.

In the end, he noted: As stated in the hadiths Al-Nas Ali Din my kingPeople are the rulers of their religion. People in society look up to their superiors. If those who are placed in a responsible position are people who are correct and strong in terms of belief and act well, people will automatically become interested in religion and accept everything that is in religion, but if a person in a responsible position who preaches religion In fact, he has distorted and weakened the face of religion in people’s minds. It is clear that people who look at this person will no longer be interested in religion and its requirements. Therefore, anyone in any position, responsible or non-responsible, if he is religious, he should try to show a good face of religion and make others interested in religion by his actions and not by mere words.

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