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Membership of two Iranians in the National Control / Training Committee ‌ in the main hall – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr News Agency and quoting the Volleyball Federation, the 21st Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship will be hosted by Japan in the city from September 12th to 18th. Chiba Will be held.

Members of the control committee of the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship were introduced, including Massoud Yazdanpanah and Mohammad شاهمیری Are also among them.

The list of members of the control committee of the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship is as follows:

Han Joo اوم From South Korea (Chairman of the Control and Technical Committee)

Massoud Yazdanpanah from Iran (Member of Technical Committee)

کی وون Park from South Korea (Member of Technical Committee)

David Smith from Australia (Technical Committee Member)

Takashi شیمویاما From Japan (Chairman of the Jury)

Ibrahim ال نعمه From Qatar (member of the jury)

Muhammad شاهمیری From Iran (Member of the Jury)

شیگرو کوشیبا From Japan (Member of the Jury)

Marie Louise پرنیسیه From the Philippines (Media Representative)

Izumi ناکاگاوا From Japan (Photographer)

یاستاکا ایشی‌زاکا From Japan (Photographer)

16 referees are in charge of judging the Asian Men’s Championship داود Nafei, Iran’s international referee, is also among them. The Iranian national volleyball team had a ball training session yesterday evening (Friday) in the main hall and number one of the tournament.

Our national team will play against Thailand and Pakistan in the preliminary stage of the Asian Championship in this hall. Tomorrow (Sunday), the Iranian team will play against Hong Kong in its first match in this competition from 10:30 AM Tehran time in the second hall of the competition, and the Iranian national team will train in this hall today (Saturday).


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