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Minister of Guidance: More serious activities should be done regarding Iranians living abroad

According to Fars news agency, the 150th meeting of the Supreme Council of Islamic Culture and Communication Organization was held at the place of this organization under the chairmanship of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the head of the Supreme Council.

At the beginning of this meeting, Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, while appreciating the transformational actions and activities in the organization and paying attention to the dispatch of efficient, young and revolutionary forces, said: The Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication is based on the Supreme Leader’s list and documents. Upstream plays the important role of the cultural headquarters of the system’s activities abroad, and it is necessary to design and implement the planned steps and programs in order to realize this position, and to use the internal capacities in various collections and institutions.

Imanipour: We will have a stronger cultural presence in Latin America

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance further pointed out the necessity of providing cultural services to Iranians living abroad and stated: Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran, along with the various sanctions and conspiracies of the enemy at the regional and international levels, with the combined war of the enemy on a large scale that has disappointed The people are facing an attempt to prevent the development and progress of Islamic Iran in order to solve the problems and remove the obstacles. It is necessary for cultural institutions, especially the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication, to pursue more serious activities in cultural interaction with different countries, especially for Iranians living abroad, using their existing capacities.

In the continuation of this meeting, Hojatul Islam Imanipour, the head of Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, also referred to the existing needs and presented a report on some measures and activities of the organization and said: Fortunately, in the new period, efforts have been made to strengthen the position of cultural consultations and in cooperation with different departments. Content and form changes should be designed and operationalized and this important will be realized with the cooperation of all non-governmental and domestic institutions and actors.

In the continuation of this meeting, the respected members discussed and exchanged opinions about the agenda of the meeting and about international cultural activities, including the development of the activities of the Supreme Council of Iranians Abroad, the strengthening of cultural consultations, the coordination of cultural organizations active abroad with the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communications. In the face of media terrorism, they discussed and approved some issues.

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