Minister Samat: Imports of second-hand cars were eliminated / Iran and Russia produce Thunder 90

According to Tejarat News, while since last week, rumors about his resignation Minister of Silence It was heard, but today Reza Fatemi Amin attended a press conference. At the meeting, he explained to reporters the situation in the car, steel, home appliances and other markets.

Due to the 10-day period of the parliament to Fatemi Amin, some consider this meeting as his last media conversation as a minister. Of course, he himself began his speech in a way that added to the scandal of his separation from the Ministry of Silence.

Minister of Silence At the beginning of the press conference, he said: “When the industry and mining sector is to be managed, the mechanisms must change.” Our most important mission in the new era is to move towards a new mechanism to optimize existing capacities and resources. But it should be noted that structural reform is difficult and more difficult in the current unstable situation. Inflation has been above 30% for five years. When a new mechanism is to be established, unfamiliarity is part of the story; Unfortunately, the interests of some people in the new mechanism are jeopardized and they are stoned in this direction.

Do these words mean pressure on Fatemi Amin to leave the Ministry of Silence?

Which cars are free to import?

An important part of the criticism of the performance of the Ministry of Silence in the new era goes back to the conditions of the car market. Regarding the conditions of this market, Fatemi Amin said: “The current situation of the car market is not acceptable.” But the trend is growing and acceptable.

He added: “Last year, there were 143,000 defective vehicles in the carmakers’ parking lot; But now this number has reached 43,000 devices.

He explained about the construction of a joint car between Iran and Russia: Negotiations were held with Russia to exchange parts for the construction of the Thunder 90. Also, the plan to import second-hand cars was completely stopped. However, the import of cars that meet our standards is now free.

This cabinet member added: Iranian car industry has three useful structures based on which Shahin, Tara and Tondar 90 are produced. But the foundations of Pride and Samand can no longer be developed.

Fatemi Amin pointed out: The 13th government will do some important work in the automobile industry until 1402. These measures include reforming the management and ownership structure, stabilizing smooth production and supply chain, and resolving the problem of quality shortages.

Minister Samat agrees with the supply of cars in the commodity exchange

He explained about the supply of cars in the commodity exchange: Nowhere in the world is the car offered in the commodity exchange. Of course, we are not against this and it seems possible. But the point is that the automotive industry has many trustees and claimants and no one is accountable. Two months before the car was offered on the stock exchange, it was announced that at this time, the supply on the commodity exchange is not good and it will shift a lot of rents. The letter, published the day before the release, was the culmination of an argument for the illegality of the offer.

Minister of Silence He also described the situation of the home appliance market as acceptable and growing.

Was the problem of industrial power supply solved?

He also referred to the conditions of the steel market and added: steel prices fluctuated in the new year. Although some of these conditions relate to the foreign exchange market, it must be said that steel prices do not follow the exchange rate.

The official in charge of the exchange rate called it one of the examples of imbalance and emphasized: we made prices dependent on the exchange rate with our own hands. The first effect is the effect of importing raw materials, the second effect is the expected effect of inflation, and the third effect is that some commodities, such as petrochemicals, depend on the exchange rate according to our own rules; For example, there is a war between Ukraine and Russia. World petrochemical prices are rising; In Iran, we see a similar increase in prices.

Explaining the impact of Russia’s recent moves on the industrial market, he said: “Russia has recently seen a sharp drop in prices in the steel market. We hope we will not be harmed by the treatment that has been devised.

Minister of Silence “Unfortunately, we have a shortage of electricity in the summer,” he said, referring to blackouts in the industry and the home network. Because 3,000 megawatts of power must be generated annually, but that does not happen. Of course, there is no problem in supplying steel with electricity at the moment. Electricity supply to the cement companies also took place overnight.

Lack of balance in job creation

Fatemi ‌ Amin also pointed out the lack of job balance: the lack of job balance is seen in all areas. In the city of Eshtehard, for example, we have several thousand non-entrepreneurial jobs. But in nearby cities, job shortages are a problem.

To believe Minister of Silence In recent years, we have invested time and money in economics, but we have not done the right architecture and structure.

Minister Samat complains about the banking system

He also criticized the performance of the banking system, stating that new methods of financing should be implemented. Previously, 4,000 billion tomans were spent in the financing of the chain chain, and 20% of the financing this year will be done through this.

Minister of Silence He also referred to mineral exploration: last year we harvested 500 million tons of mines; 4.5 million tons of this raw material were exported, which is a good achievement. In the field of exploration, a resource identification project was started, and in the first step, very good resources were discovered in South Khorasan. More details will be announced in the next month.

To read more, the news of the impeachment of Minister Samat was canceled? Read.

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