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Missionary activity of 200 missionaries in the Decade of Dignity in Ardabil – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

Hojjat al-Islam Qasim Jafarzadeh, in an interview with Mehr reporter, congratulated the arrival of the birth of Hazrat Masoumeh (s) And at the beginning of the Decade of Dignity, he emphasized the need for girls to follow the example of Islamic women’s lifestyles and stated: Girls are the symbol of affection and love in the home and the future mothers of the society, and the type of education and their spiritual and physical growth can be decisive and influential. be

He said: The occasion of Girl’s Day, which was established in 2005 by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, based on the proposal of the girls’ cultural center and on the occasion of the birth of Hazrat Fatima Masoumeh.s)Ahl al-Bayt Crimea was named as “National Girls’ Day”. While paying homage to the girls of the society and reminding them of their unique value and importance, attention and respect is also paid to the dignity of Hazrat Fatima Masoumeh (peace be upon them).

Director General of Islamic Propaganda of Ardabil Province continued: Hazrat Masoumeh (s) While still young, he has a great status. As much as his pilgrimage parallel Hazrat Fatima Zahra’s pilgrimages) It is called and Paradise is the achievement and reward of His Holiness’ pilgrims.

Fatima Masoumeh (s) She is a unique role model for girls in the community

The Director General of Islamic Propaganda in Ardabil called the social behavior of each person an indicator of the family character, environment and type of upbringing of that person and said: Muslim women and girls can study the Iranian, Islamic lifestyle and observe chastity and modesty and follow the example of Hazrat Zahra.s)Hazrat Zainab (s) and Hazrat Fatima Masoumeh (s)in all stages of their lives, behave as they should and deliver a healthy and pious generation to the society.

Hojjat al-Islam Jafarzadeh, the decade of dignity and blessedness of Hazrat Masoumeh (s) and Hazrat Imam Reza (A) called it an opportunity to explain the importance and place of dignity in the society and continued: we should use the spiritual atmosphere created to practically adhere to the life of those nobles, and in the field of promoting Razavi culture as well as modeling the life of Hazrat Masoumeh.s) Provide an application for girls.

He stated that the main goal of cultural programs in the field of women is to promote self-awareness among this influential group and said: Since the enemy has realized the importance of the mother’s role in the health of the family and society and has seen its effect on the development of societies, therefore, one of the tools Various media are trying to attack this sacred place and institution of the family.

The Director General of Islamic Propaganda in Ardabil emphasized: The thoughtful and revolutionary women of Islamic Iran with a wide horizon of religious education and the future of the society will thwart the enemy in achieving their ominous goals in the direction of cultural invasion.

Promotional activity of 200 special messages for Decade of Dignity in Ardabil

The Director General of Islamic Propaganda of Ardabil pointed out the dispatch of 200 missionaries on the occasion of the Decade of Dignity in Ardabil and said: Social health depends on the adherence of girls to Islamic values ​​and we must provide conditions for our girls to fulfill their duties, responsibilities and roles in society based on teachings. learn religion

Hojjat-ul-Islam Jafarzadeh considered the effective communication between girls and mothers to be effective in strengthening cultural and religious values ​​and added: understanding, friendship and secrecy, support and admiration, devoting time and conversation and showing affection are the main duties of mothers towards girls.

He mentioned the topics of the speech in the Decade of Dignity and added: Explaining the life of Hazrat Imam Reza (A) and Hazrat Masoumeh (s)the importance of dignity and charity in Islam, answering doubts and holding a religious discourse, developing and promoting the culture of hijab and chastity and the Islamic lifestyle, explaining the importance of arresting and supporting the poor, explaining the benefits of the youth of the population and having children And explaining the statement of the second step of the revolution is one of the topics discussed in the Decade of Dignity by the missionaries sent from the General Directorate of Islamic Propaganda in Ardabil to mosques, schools, educational centers and religious delegations.

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