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Monitor your fishing checks with Bank Saderat Iran ATMs

According to the financial news report, citing the public relations of Bank Saderat Iran, with the addition of the service “Inquiry of transfer chain and check beneficiaries” to the various services of ATMs of Bank Saderat Iran, customers of this bank can use various services of fisher’s checks, including registration, transfer, inquiry and Check receipt confirmation, return, check transfer, check transfer status inquiry on these devices.

More than 5,200 ATMs of Saderat Bank of Iran provide many and varied services, each one as a branch, provides many capabilities to the customers of this bank, and in addition to performing all services, common electronic banking, registration, transfer, inquiry and confirmation of receipt. It also offers check, return, check transfer, check transfer status inquiry to the customers of the country’s banking system.

Saderat Bank of Iran, in addition to providing check services, has been the first bank to offer secure digital checks to its customers by providing Cheknu, and so far, more than hundreds of thousands of Cheknu sheets have been issued by the bank’s customers.

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