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Monitoring and quality control of “National Housing Movement projects” by Soil Mechanics Laboratory

According to Fars News Agency, a memorandum of cooperation was signed today between the Technical Laboratory and Soil Mechanics Company, the Deputy for Civil and Rural Development and the Organization of Municipalities and Rural Affairs, at the Ministry of Interior, and this afternoon, the deputies and managers Soil mechanics visited.

One of the goals of this memorandum is to make optimal use of the capacities of both parties to improve the quality of construction projects.

Improving the quality of geotechnical consulting services, geophysics, road construction and quality control during the implementation of municipal and rural projects, executive agencies and the private sector of the provinces, were other objectives of this memorandum.

‌On the sidelines of this visit, Majid Kianpour, CEO of Soil Mechanics and Technical Laboratory Company, told reporters about how to use the capacity of Soil Mechanics and Technical Laboratories to prevent accidents such as Metropol: “As much as we care about the quality control process, Higher quality buildings are built and with quality upgrades, the buildings are actually insured.

He spoke about the entry of the Technical Laboratory and Soil Mechanics Company into the “projects of the National Housing Movement” and added: .

The CEO of the Soil Mechanics and Technical Laboratory Company stated: In the matter of the National Housing Movement, any province that requests cooperation has entered. We have started work in provinces such as Zanjan and Alborz, although Tehran province has not yet received a request in this regard.

Kianpour, referring to the use of new technologies in the laboratory to check the quality and improvement of the country’s roads, added: “Currently, we do not have non-standard roads in the country, on the other hand, we have a maintenance program to improve the quality of the country’s roads, which causes costs.” Maintenance is reduced by up to 50%; مورد These up-to-date devices detect the extent of damage by scanning the roads.

He also spoke about the possibility of privatizing A.Warehouse Soil Engineering and Soil Mechanics, he said: At present, there is no plan to transfer the company to Soil Technical and Mechanics Laboratory.

* Research Center of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to identify unstable buildings

Following the meeting, Vahid Ghorbani, Director General of the Technical Office and Civil Engineering Program of the Ministry of Interior, told reporters: ‌‌ ‌‌Identification of unstable and unsafe buildings is the responsibility of the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center, Unexpected adoption to be announced soon; Based on these decisions, all relevant agencies as well as the judiciary will be involved in identifying and dealing with the construction of unstable and unsafe buildings.

He continued: “Unstable buildings are of several categories. Each unstable building may be due to one of the issues related to instability such as fire, subsidence, etc., it is necessary to identify the devices that were effective in destabilizing buildings and deal with them.” ; Some of these buildings were built when the level of construction standards was low or they were not built according to the desired standards.

The director general of the technical office and development plan of the Ministry of Interior emphasized: In any case, according to the law, non-standard buildings of the public, public and private sectors must be identified.

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