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More DG2 graphics in the new driver – the first Arc Alchemist mobile models?

Witness Most of the DG2 graphics are in Intel’s new driver, which contains up to 32 new PCI IDs, possibly from Arc Alchemist family models.

The graphics driver for version, which is available today alongside the twelfth generation Alder Lake S desktop processors with support for Xe LP integrated graphics, includes new identifiers. In addition, the driver supports integrated graphics processors Alder Lake P (high-end mobile models) and Alder Lake M / N (low-power mobile models).

More DG2 graphics were seen in the new driver

It also seems that the initial support for the Arc Alchemist series is provided in the same driver because, as we said, the blue giant has listed 32 new identifiers for the DG2 family. Interestingly, six times more IDs were registered for DG2 graphics than for DG1 graphics released a year ago. This indicates that Intel will offer much more graphics, though not as many as the number of IDs listed.

It is currently thought that Intel will introduce the first generation of Arc series graphics in the first season of 2022. However, support for desktop graphics may not be available at this time as rumors suggest they will be released in the second quarter of next year. It is also unclear whether Intel plans to offer two separate drivers for mobile and desktop graphics, or will release both in one package.

; DG2

INTEL_DEV_4F80 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F81 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F82 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F83 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F84 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F85 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F86 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F87 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F88 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5690 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5691 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5692 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5693 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5694 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5695 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5696 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5697 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5698 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A0 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A1 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A2 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A3 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A4 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A5 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A6 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A7 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A8 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A9 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56B0 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56B1 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56C0 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56C1 = “Intel (R) Xe Graphics”

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