5 Important Predictions for the Future of the Stock Exchange / Why are experts not optimistic about the stock market?

According to Tejarat News, the stock market started its work last week with a negative trend. But in the last three days of trading, the stock market index changed direction and was accompanied by upward movements. Given the positive trend over the weekend, how do experts predict the market trend in the future?

Fardin Aghabzorgi: In the coming months, special companies and small groups that have performed well compared to previous periods due to the implementation of development plans or improving and increasing the efficiency of production and sales in particular and away from the general conditions of their industry. The index is also expected to reach 1.7 million units by the end of the year.

Iman Raisi: If the support measures continue for at least a few days, it can take the market sellers out of the market at current prices and give new life to the market.

Nima Mirzaei: The market collapse is in the hands of the government’s economic decisions, despite all the ambiguities about the future of Borjam. Rising interest rates in the money and debt markets have reduced the attractiveness of the stock market P / E. Therefore, as long as the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank continue the current procedure (raising interest rates) with the aim of controlling inflation in other markets, one can not expect stable success of traders in the capital market. This process may continue until the end of the negotiations and the relative opening of the arteries of foreign exchange with abroad.

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Ehsan Beigi: The market has an upward trend until the end of the year. Equity stocks are currently in good shape and worth the investment and purchase. In the current situation, small shareholders should not be in a hurry to sell their shares.

Mohammad Aram Bonyar: Stock market publishers who have stock exchanges or managers who were sensitive to their stock prices have become indifferent to their stock trends because their management has not yet been assigned. Reasons such as the dollar and the Barjam negotiations have already established their influence in the market, and now the biggest effect in the market is the non-election of stock exchange managers. Therefore, the market trend may be cross-sectional, but there will be no positive and balanced movements in the market.

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