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MPs to hand over the 1401 budget to the government without any deficit

According to the monetary news, quoting the public relations of the Central Bank, Salehabadi stated in the ceremony: We are on the verge of entering the year 1401 and the budget of the whole country is being considered in the Islamic Consultative Assembly and may the representatives try to have a good budget. Deliver the government without a deficit in the new year, so that we can have more control over the big monetary variables next year.

Emphasizing on predicting the better economic situation of the country next year, the Governor of the Central Bank said: “Controlling the monetary base, liquidity and inflation are among the economic axes of the country next year. Therefore, detailed plans have been prepared to achieve these goals. It will be implemented next year with diligent efforts.

The Governor of the Central Bank also planted saplings in the Central Bank premises on the occasion of March 6, Tree Planting Day, and congratulated his compatriots and employees of the banking and economic system on Eid al-Fitr. It is life and we hope to have a happy life in the light of the blessings of the Imams.

Expressing satisfaction with the beautiful tradition of tree planting and the success of planting seedlings in the Central Bank, Salehabadi said: “We are happy that we planted seedlings in the Central Bank, which is one of the most important economic institutions, and we hope to step in the country’s economy in the future.” Take away the positive and effective ones.

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