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Necessity of dealing decisively with thieves and drug dealers by the police – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr reporter, Ayatollah Mustafa Ulama emphasized the importance of maintaining the security of the people during his meeting with Sardar Hajian, the police chief of Kermanshah province.

He added: We want the authority of the police and the health of the society and we must solve the problems according to the difficulties.

Imam Juma of Kermanshah stated: Narcotics is a very bad thing and unfortunately it has become political, robbery and insecurity are not good for the province and these things must be fixed.

Scholars stated: Hijab laws should be based on the same laws of the Ministry of Interior, with cultural guidance and cultural work, as God told the Prophet.p) Ordered means to be evangelizers and overseers.

He continued: Quran says with language Lynn Talk to people! This command of God to the Prophet (p) It is to deal with the pharaoh, and our view and look should be education, along with that, we should have firmness and stability in management.

Imam Juma of Kermanshah pointed out: If we apply experiences based on management, many problems will be solved, sometimes if we give a thief a life and a job, it is better and more effective than many guns and cannons.

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