New Car Lottery Quota / Who gets a car without a lottery?

Holders Worn cars 10% quota in Iran Khodro and Saipa lottery They have and can use this quota to get a car without taking turns.

According to the budget law of 1401, at least 10% of the cars offered in the Iran Khodro and Saipa lottery will be allocated to the owners of used cars.

This means that owners of used cars can participate in the pre-sale and immediate sale plans of Iran Khodro and Saipa, and 10% of the car quota belongs to the owners of used cars.

Allocating a car to the owners of used cars is an important condition that when the new car is delivered, the buyer must submit a certificate of scrapping of his used car.

Previously, mothers had two children and more than a car quota, and it was said that these people would receive the registered car within a month. But it is not clear whether the owners of used cars will receive the registered car for a month or whether the waiting time for this group is the same as other people and they will only benefit from the 10% lottery quota.

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