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New CEOs of 4 Persian Gulf Holding companies were appointed

According to Fars News Agency, quoting the public relations of the Persian Gulf Holding, Abdul Ali Ali Askari appointed four new CEOs of the Persian Gulf Holding Company as the new CEOs.

In separate rulings, Ali Askari appointed Rashid Ghani as the CEO of Petroleum, Sepahdar Ansari Nik as the CEO of Bandar Imam Petrochemical, Mohammad Reza Karimi as the CEO of Arvand Petrochemical and Hamed Tajlizadeh as the CEO of the company. Appointed by PC International.

In these rulings, appreciating the sincere efforts of the former managers of these collections, it is hoped that the new managers, with the support of elite, youth and having useful and successful expertise and experience related to the field of mission, in fulfilling the slogan of the year and constructive communication and Appropriate with knowledge-based companies, the use of new technologies in increasing the quantity and quality of products, as well as the use of young and jihadi elites and endogenous talents and capacities should be taken seriously.
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