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New trade insurance product on the way to the market

For those who have low-traffic cars:

According to Monetary and Financial News, quoting the public relations of New Trade Insurance; Vahid Daneshkia, Head of Car Insurance of Tejarat-e-Novo Insurance Company, stated the above regarding the company’s performance in 1401: Tejarat-e-Noo Insurance Company sold about 800 billion Rials in the first two months of 1401 in the field of automobiles, including body, third party and passenger accidents. Is.

The head of the automotive department of Tejarat-e-Novo Insurance Company said in the field of insurance policy supplement: “Every year, in the second half of March, the judiciary determines the new year’s ransom, according to which the third-party insurance premiums change.” This did not happen last year and the ransom was announced on the 9th of Farvardin 1401, so legally the insurance policies that started from the first of 1400 to the 29th of Esfand 1400 do not need to be supplemented, but the insurers whose insurance policies started from the first of Farvardin to the 8th of Farvardin 1401 You can go to insurance companies and buy supplements to increase liabilities. On several occasions, those who have purchased insurance policies from Tejarat-e-Novo Insurance Company on this date have been informed to refer to the company and receive the addendum. Has access to any of the branches can receive the supplement.

He added: “Insurance applications are usually active for the issuance process and sections such as add-ons have not been designed yet, but in the near future, this possibility will be added to the issuance software of this company (BNO).”

Danesh Kia, regarding the new designs and products of the company, stated: Several new designs are being implemented. One of these plans is body insurance for low-traffic vehicles that are being produced and implemented, and for vehicles that are used less than normal, and has been created in line with the proportion of “vehicle usage and insurance costs.” .

In addition, other projects are underway that, with God’s help, will give the company more market share.

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