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One of Telegram’s trivial features is finally coming to WhatsApp

One of Telegram’s long-established features, which will be available to users, will probably be added to the WhatsApp messenger app soon.

A report by WABetaInfo shows how the global WhatsApp voice messenger works. This player is able to play voice messages to you wherever you are in the WhatsApp application.


The images above show this voice message player can be located at the top of the app window, and may include a playlist that shows how much of your voice message has been played and how much is left. This image also shows a button to pause and play a message and another button to reject it.

According to the report, the global voice messaging player eliminates the need for you to stay on a chat page to listen to the voicemail sent to you. So even if you leave the chat page and wherever you are in the WhatsApp application, you can still listen to the message being played.

Because it is a universal player, it is a great option for long voicemails that you have to spend a lot of time listening to. With this player, you can listen to your long voice messages at any time and when chatting with any user.

Note that this player is currently under development and not yet ready for release. At this time, there is no official confirmation from WhatsApp for the date that users can access this feature.

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