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It is possible to release the S22 series with a first-generation Snapdragon 8 processor

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Over the years, the release of some of Samsung’s flagships with Exynos processors has become one of the biggest problems for the brand’s fans, and after long protests against Samsung, the company finally officially announced a few months ago that it would no longer use its proprietary Exynos processors. It does not use its own flagships.

As the date of the Samsung Unpacked 2022 event approaches, there is a lot of news about Samsung’s new flagships, the S22 series. According to the latest rumors, Samsung will market its new phones with a Snapdragon 8 generation processor and there will be no news about the Exynos 2200 processor.

Of course, the Exynos 2200 processor will probably be released by Samsung in the near future, with the difference that this processor will no longer be available on Samsung’s flagships, and high-end intermediates such as the A7 series will probably use this processor.

The problem for Samsung fans is not with the speed of the company’s proprietary processors; Because Exynos processors actually have the same performance as Snapdragon processors in terms of processing power, with the difference that Snapdragon processors are more stable processors, and this more stability makes the phone hotter and on the other hand, battery life is increased to some extent.

The Samsung Unpacked 2022 event will probably take place on February 4, and according to reports, Samsung will unveil the S22 series flagships at the same event; The release of this series will start from the fourth week of February (March 2-9).

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