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Only read “daughters” / advice to daughters’ fathers

Family group: Raising a child has long been one of the fundamental issues in society, especially the religion of Islam, especially in today’s world where we are witnessing the widespread growth of Internet technology and cyberspace, from one place to another the issue of education is much more difficult. Be. Even the West itself has realized these days that computers, television, movie, and Internet entertainment do not nurture the family, so education must be done within the family and by parents.

In the field of educational topics, it sometimes happens that parents have to make differences in raising a girl and a boy, such as saying some sentences or doing certain things with or with the girls and boys. The physical, psychological and cognitive differences between girls and boys make parents need to use subtleties in their upbringing. We will discuss these issues in relation to raising a girl child.

1. Teach him different activities

Do not imagine that because your child is a girl, then he does not need to know many things, even teach him to drive and refuel and do technical work and repair household items. In order to be able to do her own thing at an older age and become an independent girl, not dependent.

So get rid of gender stereotypes about girls and boys and teach them as much as you can about different issues.

2. Explain issues related to puberty

Sometimes mothers wait for a friend, acquaintance or friend to get involved in puberty discussions and give all the training to their daughter so that they do not get involved themselves because they are either embarrassed or do not know how to communicate. Dear mothers, it is better for you to get involved in these issues at the age of puberty for girls, and to teach girls all the changes related to puberty in a very friendly way, so that you can wait for them to hear from others, wrongly and with a thousand other stories. So let him prepare for big changes easily and without stress.

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3. Do not use the phrase “Ishala Arshi Bashi”

Whenever you want to pray for your daughter, please do not use the phrase “Ishala, get married”. Because it happens that he sees all the happiness in the world in marriage. There are many beautiful sentences that you can use when praying, such as God willing, you will have a good end, God willing, you will go to university, God willing, you will be successful, and God willing, you will achieve your beautiful dreams.

Only read "daughters" / advice to daughters' fathers

4. Teach him to save

Be sure to teach your daughter from now on, at any age, to save for herself so that this habit will remain for her in adulthood and will never be underestimated. Many girls go to their husbands ‘homes with the assumption that there is no need to save and everything is ready in their father’s house, and they can not manage their husbands’ lives properly, or even have problems with their own personal adulthood.

5. Compliment her inner beauties

It has become so common that parents always praise their daughter’s physical beauty, say about her beautiful eyes and eyebrows, always try to praise her inner beauty instead of constantly praising her outward beauty, for example:

Instead of saying, “Your eyes are beautiful, oh, your hair is beautiful,” say, “You are very kind and how generous you are.”

Let your daughter enhance her inner beauty, not just her outer beauty.

6. Divide household chores between your daughter and son

Please, if you have a daughter and a son, give as much responsibility to your son at home as you ask your daughter to help with the housework, and this is not bad. Believe that housework is not just for women. It happens that you raise a boy who does not help his wife at home when he gets married, and it is the Prophet’s tradition for wives to help each other at home, so the first step is that you are a girl and Raise your son this way.

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** Advice to fathers with daughters

Finally, research has shown that fathers may play a greater role in the development of their daughters’ healthy sexual identity than mothers, so it is better for fathers to be very careful about their behavior. Now, if this behavior is bad, he has an inappropriate pattern, and if he is good, he can make a good choice in the future.

Again, research has shown that girls raised in homes where the mother is dominant and the father is passive and not involved in decision-making will have problems with men in the future. So fathers should know that girls are very careful about how they behave, you as a father are always in front of your child, the way you treat children and how you treat the mother affects your daughter’s feminine behavior. If you are a responsible, supportive, approving, and loving man, your daughter will not only have a clearer definition of masculinity and fatherhood in mind, but will also have more self-respect.

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