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Operation of urban projects on Saturdays every week

According to the Fars News Agency’s Urban Group, Tehran Municipality Spokesperson Abdul Mathar Mohammad Khani said about the latest status of the Hope and Pride campaign in Tehran Municipality: With the announcement of the mayor of Tehran, the campaign of “Hope and Pride Saturdays” started in August of last year through the use of numerous projects throughout the capital. Based on this, the first Saturday of Omid and Pride was dedicated to the opening of the largest underground city train terminal, namely Ekbatan Terminal in west Tehran, and continuously one or more important projects were inaugurated in the capital every Saturday.

He added: From the 12th of Bahman last year until the end of 1401, the campaign of hope and pride was held on a daily basis, so that in the last days of the year, 5 stations on lines 6 and 7 of the Tehran Metro were opened in the presence of the President and the Mayor of Tehran, and totaled 50 packages. To have an opening in 1401 in Tehran.

Regarding the details of the first Omid and Iftikhar Saturday in 1402, Mohammad Khani said: Based on the planning and the city administration’s emphasis on the importance of developing the city’s equipment and facilities to serve the citizens, this campaign will continue this year, and we hope, by the grace of God, that Saturdays Let’s implement one or more effective urban projects in different parts of the city every week.

The spokesperson of Tehran Municipality added: The first Saturday of Omid and Pride in 1402 is dedicated to the opening of two projects in the 5th and 20th districts of Tehran, and on Saturday, April 19, Dezhbaghkan service sports complex in the 5th district of Tehran will be put into operation. Also, the service complex of Amou Abbas House will be put into operation in the 20th district of Tehran in the form of video conference.

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