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Optimal gas consumption is not possible with T-shirts / Home trick to reduce gas consumption

group Life; نعیما جاویدی: How hard it is to wake up in the morning when our bed is just warm; We have no choice but to get out of the blanket little by little so that sleep falls from our eyes. The first thing we probably do is raise the flame of the heater or the degree of heating of the package, our day starts with the same common mistake and sometimes these not so correct ways of consuming energy and gas continue until night. .

Not only in Western and European countries, but also in Asian and Eastern countries, the cost of energy carriers is so high that people are careful about consumption and avoid waste. Our country is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of energy resources, but is this a reason to increase our living costs in the face of inflation and economic problems in recent years? With this introduction, in the cold days of autumn and winter of 1400, what can we do to keep the houses warm without wasting? This guide will help us by emphasizing small, simple but effective changes.

Optimal gas consumption is not possible with T-shirts / Home trick to reduce gas consumption

Hot cooking hours

Today’s kitchens usually do not have walls. That’s why the heat from the time we cook gets home. During the hours or minutes when we are working in the kitchen, the heater flame or the temperature of the package can be lowered a little. Apartment houses After a bit of cooking, the housewife usually blows in the winter and we have to open a window to let out the smell or the smell of the house. Adjusting and reducing the heating of the house before cooking prevents the house from brewing, and the smell of cooking will not be heavy in the house. Even if you really need to ventilate and open a door or window, the loss of hot air is reduced. Wear a shawl or a thin shirt with sleeves to use after cooking and keeping away from gas if you feel cold. By lowering the temperature of the house and this simple arrangement, you will sweat less and you are less likely to get bruises or colds, especially on days when you have a party and work in the general kitchen to do. This simple action is called providing temperature with the environment.

Optimal gas consumption is not possible with T-shirts / Home trick to reduce gas consumption

Warm slippers and undergarments

On cold days of the year, it is necessary to have several items of equipment at home. Items that may not seem necessary to use but once prepared can be enough to use for several years. Thick woven socks or socks, yarn gloves that are woven up to half of the knuckles and the fingertips are free to do the job. Also, use a small travel blanket or a warm and textured sofa shawl, and finally a warm and small shawl and mattress. Houses are mostly ceramic these days, the nature and material of ceramics is cold. This will not be good for your health or your gas consumption.

In ceramic houses, according to today’s fashion, there is no more news about carpets or rugs and kilims. The material of the carpets is usually changed and it is very artificial and has a cold texture. The foot gets the cold of the floor and the person gradually feels cold and even shivers. Warm slippers or thick socks prevent this unpleasant feeling. The result is that the person does not see the need to raise the flame. When studying and doing things that require concentration, semi-woven gloves are also great because the hands usually freeze. When sleeping, using a warm sofa scarf or travel blanket will compensate for the drop in body temperature and keep it warm. No need to upgrade the heater and package.

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Optimal gas consumption is not possible with T-shirts / Home trick to reduce gas consumption

Cozy like a home chair

You can not find a woolen quilt and mattress in a less Iranian house. For these old mattresses, embroider a thick surface and embroider and embroider with thick yarn to make it more shapely. There are instructional videos of this work in cyberspace. Take the quilt with a thick surface. A small, simple square table or even a stool is enough to make a compact home chair. There is no need to turn on the seat light. This traditional atmosphere helps to create a cozy and warm corner for the family to get to work, relax or get together without the need for a false increase in home temperature.

Close the door, drive away!

When the guests leave, be sure to be accompanied by one or two people to do a good culture, but be sure to lock or lock the door so that the heat of the house does not go out during the escort. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. In periods, the house looks warmer due to the increase in population, whether people like it or not, and soon after, people have a feeling of stuffiness and shortness of breath, and the first solution to the problem is to suddenly reduce the temperature or open the window. Predict this in advance, as soon as everyone has gathered, lower the room temperature to create the desired warmth, not annoying.

Optimal gas consumption is not possible with T-shirts / Home trick to reduce gas consumption

Lace and winter curtains!

Until 10, 15 years ago, in some houses, the curtains of the house were changed with the change of seasons. A good habit that was unfortunately abandoned. The dominance of the form-oriented view of life caused the glamor of white, gray and vegetable nylon curtains to replace the long fabric curtains. Using the right curtains can warm the house by between one and three degrees because the thick texture of the fabric prevents energy loss. If you can not change the curtains for the reception of the house, at least use thick curtains for the cold days of the year and cover the windows of the rooms, especially the bedroom.

Optimal gas consumption is not possible with T-shirts / Home trick to reduce gas consumption

Energy loss in minutes

At night, due to the use of a thick blanket, the body is protected from the cold. Usually the coldest feeling is from sunset to before bedtime. Instead of increasing the temperature of the house, use loose and comfortable fabric clothes to keep your body warm. Then take it off at rest and put it on again when you wake up so that your body gets to room temperature sooner. If your bed is cold, raising the temperature of the house will definitely not help to warm it up. You can heat a cloth or towel on the heater or package and place it between your mattress and blanket to prepare and relax the rest area. When leaving the room, going to the yard or balcony, be sure to wear warm clothes, even if it does not last more than a few minutes, it is enough for the cold to settle in your life, the first thing is to stick yourself to the package or heater and then raise the flame cut. These few minutes of negligence provide the ground for energy loss.

This is a low consumption stove

One of the best ways to save gas is when cooking. Here are some practical tricks and lived experiences of successful housewives. Be sure to put hard-textured ingredients in the pan to cook them sooner. The egg that you boil in this way is prepared at least two minutes earlier and as a result the gas flame goes out sooner. Immediately toss the slightly chilled food on a flame that you have just extinguished and place it in it until it is lukewarm and pleasant. Freezing food ice with heat both worsens the taste of food and increases energy consumption. Put food at room temperature sooner, the gas flame is not supposed to act like a hair dryer and freeze food. If you are in a hurry, put a package of vegetables, meat or food in a container and pour some hot water into a larger container so that the food can be frozen without water penetration.

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If the samovar or kettle is boiling water on the gas, the steam of the kettle can be used to keep the small food container warm, to freeze the frozen material or to melt the butter or to mix the food on indirect heat. Keeping undercooked foods ready, beans that have been soaked and puffed for 48 hours and have a softer texture for cooking can be effective in speeding up our cooking and not having to keep the gas flame on for a long time.

Optimal gas consumption is not possible with T-shirts / Home trick to reduce gas consumption

Thermal reflection with a foil

Do not cover the package as it will perform poorly and break down sooner. Make a U-shaped and semi-rotating sheet of aluminum foil on the heater or package that is open at both ends. In addition to absorbing soot, this foil creates reflection and downward heat circulation. Hot air is volatile and light and rises quickly and cold air comes down. This foil helps the hot air to rise later and we feel the heat better. On the other hand, it increases the thermal efficiency of the heating system by 3 to 5%. With each degree of decrease in room temperature, gas consumption decreases by 6%. It is not bad to know that the optimal and standard temperature of home heating is between 18 to 21 degrees. Closing air conditioner vents and large vents as well as turning off the heating system of rooms that are less frequented and used is definitely effective in efficient fuel consumption and reducing household costs.

Optimal gas consumption is not possible with T-shirts / Home trick to reduce gas consumption

In winter with summer clothes ?!

A very simple but important point is that our clothing at home must be changed with the change of seasons. Going with a summer T-shirt and raising the temperature of the home heating system is not compatible with logic and fairness at all, especially since every year with a sharp drop in temperature and drop in gas pressure, some of our compatriots in the northern and cold regions of the country are deprived of this blessing. In all the foreign films, we see that the actors use knitted and thick shirts, ski collars, stockings and sometimes even hats and gloves in the scenes related to the winter season at home. The films are a reflection of the culture and conditions of the countries. Due to the high cost of energy carriers, the people of these countries can not heat their homes with gas and usually use fireplaces and are forced to wear scarves and hats to withstand the cold of the house. If every Iranian family wears a little warm clothes and reduces the temperature of the house by one degree, 6% of gas consumption in the country will be saved. Our homes get warm when our compatriots stay encouraged to live, not because their homes are cold on the coldest days of the year due to extravagance.

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