Owning a house in District 1 of Tehran with municipal rent

The head of budget committee of Tehran city council said: A number of big houses in District 1 of Tehran have been handed over to certain people.

Meisham Mozafar, head of budget committee of Tehran city council, referring to the audits of Tehran municipality from different regions, said: In the audits that the city council has conducted of 22 regions, we have seen a procedure and a violation by Tehran municipality in the past periods, and this audit is related to the year 96 to 99, and in the framework of this audit, properties have been handed over to institutions and individuals by the Tehran Municipality without the approval of the Tehran Islamic Council.

He continued: Some of these allocations are for public use and some are for personal and political use. Unfortunately, we have witnessed that in the first district of Tehran, more than 15 license plates were assigned to people with residential use in the previous period.

Muzaffar clarified: Among these handed over houses, there are people living in 300 and 250 meter houses in District 1, which belong to the pockets of the people and Tehran Municipality.

Referring to the people who received these houses, the chairman of the Budget Committee of Tehran City Council said: among them, a TV director, a former political figure, a former mayor of one of the regions and municipal employees of different regions are seen, and we don’t know how and with what. Argument that they have received the public rights of the people and why this right has been assigned to a person that they can live in a 300-meter house in Region 1 without the approval of the city council.

He stated that the mayor of Tehran has been given a short period of one month from today and said: The municipality is obliged to organize and obtain the necessary resolutions within a period of one month if it has logic and there are special cases that provide public services to the city and citizens. present to the city council and the municipality is obliged to organize the matter within one month.

The head of the Budget Committee of Tehran City Council said about the other properties handed over to Tehran Municipality: Unfortunately, we are witnessing that different ethnic groups in the country have taken the same building even with seemingly cultural uses, for example, the building of an ethnic group residing in Tehran has different uses, such as Hosseiniyeh, the Elite Association They are inventors.

Muzafar clarified: This issue requires policy making and assignment by the city council. According to Article 55, the municipality is not allowed to hand over properties without the approval of the city council, because this is a clear violation. Currently, the municipality has been delayed in this area. Is.

He continued: Our expectation was that the municipality would act as quickly as possible, of course, it seems that the municipality has prepared a list and is organizing it and sending it to the city council, but the letter has not yet been sent to the city council, and notices have been sent to residential houses in the new period. And our expectation is that the issue will be pursued with more seriousness and speed.

/ Source: Mehr

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