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Pai Lang, performance equipment at the 35th Children’s Festival

The 35th edition of the Children’s Film Festival was passed while the equipment of the cinemas had technical problems and it was met with little reception, and it is only a task for the organizers without results.

Charso Press: The 35th edition of the festival of films for children and teenagers after two periods of silence coronavirus It was held in Mehr 1402 in Isfahan, which, of course, was less prosperous than in previous years, and the number of films and audience has been decreasing, and practically, according to experts, they have not seen any special news in this period of the festival.

Ramezani is one of the journalists who has had the experience of attending the previous editions of the festival, and he says that this edition is different from previous years: In previous years, bigger filmmakers were present and the presence of famous figures in the field of cinema was more visible, while this edition of critics They also had a small presence in movies and this year the actors who were seen were Seyyed Javad Hashemi and Mohammad Fili.

He continues: In the past years, happy carnivals were held in the cities and children’s enthusiasm could be felt in the parks and schools, and although they said that neighborhood-oriented programs were organized in this direction, but if they were done, they did not have media coverage, and this is a weakness. is considered. In fact, in terms of advertising, the performance of the festival information headquarters and the municipality was not appropriate, although they tried to show the presence boldly through virtual space, but at the city level, except for a few simple banners, special initiatives and German It cannot be seen and the city does not have the enthusiasm of a child.

Weakness in the technical equipment of Isfahan cinemas

What can be seen in the screening of films these days is that the children and teenagers of journalists criticize the quality of sound and image and demand it from cinematographers and producers, while their answer is if the film was shown in a better environment and even on television. It will have better quality. They believe that Chaharbagh cinema is not adapted in terms of technical equipment, the sound is not balanced, and it does not have quality, which makes the children not enjoy the movie enough, and this shows that they did not choose the right cinemas for screening.

Mohammadi is one of the other cinema experts and film critics, who is known for the quality of the released films Mehr reporter He says: Most of the production films are not made for children like in the past decades, but they are made about children and this is a harm to them.

He continues: Most of the films came from other festivals and were not unveiled in this festival. Out of the 14 films of the competition section of the Children and Adolescent Festival, three films “Captain”, “In the Embrace of the Tree” and “HookIt was screened at Fajr Film Festival last year. If we look closely at their content, the films are a combination of children’s and adult films, and even among the 9 films that Farabi invested in at the 41st Fajr Film Festival, there is no film for children.

Regarding the screening of foreign films, he told the Mehr reporter: They sent films from 39 countries, and since the first day, not many foreign guests were seen, and on the other hand, they started screening foreign films very late, which caused less excitement in this period of the festival. to witness While compared to previous years, we had a simultaneous broadcast with dubbing.

The high number of young journalists is not a proof of the quality of the festival

Another veteran reporter also points to the absence of the main jury of the festival and says: the only judges are teenagers whose votes are online, and it is not clear what problems they will face.

He continues: Many advertisements have been made in line with the high number of child and adolescent journalists, which of course does not improve the quality of the festival and they have not been fully trained and their information about the films was not enough. It is better for children to get specialized training long ago and to ask more technical questions from writers and directors because the burden of correct information about the festival is on the shoulders of young journalists and the main activity of the festival website is also fed through young journalists.

Lahoti believes that training young journalists is good, but they should be well trained and acquire a high level of information.

He emphasizes: On the other hand, it should be noted that the presence of about 900 journalists and juvenile referees and the child There is no reason for its prosperity in this festival because children and teenagers who were ordinary citizens of the city did not benefit from it.

Pai Lang, performance equipment at the 35th Children's Festival

Another weakness that can be pointed out in this festival is driving people to the site to get and reserve tickets Oh you ticket is, while there was no need to rush and make reservations at all and the halls were not filled with spectators and generally the reception of ordinary people is weak and the highest level of reception is from the side of child and adolescent judges who have a large number.

Now, before the start of the festival, the CEO of Farabi Cinema Foundation had responded to some criticisms that children’s and teenagers’ movies need support and we need to revive children’s and teenagers’ cinema and for years the number of our productions in children’s and teenagers’ cinema is not a negligible number. In the field of producing films for children and teenagers, we are suffering from a production deficit and our filmmakers need support.

He said that sometimes we know that we have to support and it is clear that children’s and teenagers’ films cannot go forward without support, but our capabilities are limited. This is the reason why children’s film productions reach at least six or seven films. This problem in the period after coronavirus It increased due to the stoppage in production.

Zainul Abdin pointed out: On the other hand, until the screening does not prosper, the production may not be actualized, and we should have a support mechanism and reverse engineering in this field. Therefore, the number of films screened is not at our desired and ideal point, and among the 51 films, there were some videos whose screening license was converted to video, and we also had a number of cinematographic films that were either released to the general public and, according to the criteria, could be shown in the Children’s Film Festival. And they didn’t have the teenager or some others couldn’t attend the festival because they had a screening in the coming days.


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