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Parviz Sarvari became the chairman of the Supreme Council of Provinces

Fars News Agency Social Group, the election of the board of the Supreme Council of the Provinces for the first year of the sixth term was held in the presence of Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi.

Parviz Sarvari and Shahram Dabiri competed for the chairmanship of the Supreme Council of Provinces, and finally Parviz Sarvari was elected as the chairman of the Supreme Council of Provinces in the sixth term with 38 votes out of 70 votes.

Also, Ali Rezaian, the representative of Lorestan province in the Supreme Council of Provinces, was elected as the vice president of the sixth term of this council.

Yousef Maghrouri, representative of North Khorasan province, Mohammad Karim Azizi, representative of Sistan and Baluchestan province, Mohammad Reza Asadi, representative of Isfahan province, Mohammad Sadeghi Gilan, Mohammad Osanloo, representative of Zanjan province and Ms. Fatemeh Jarareh, representative of Hormozgan province were elected as secretaries of the Supreme Council.

According to the report, the Supreme Council of Provinces is composed of representatives of provincial councils across the country and is responsible for performing duties and responsibilities such as monitoring and coordinating the affairs of sub-councils, preparing and submitting legal plans to the Islamic Consultative Assembly and liaising city and village councils with executive bodies. .

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