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Paying attention to the tourism industry will make the Iranophobia project fail/ Dependence on oil hinders the economic growth of the country.

Mohammad Safaei Daloui, a member of the Economic Commission of the Islamic Council, in a conversation with Arya Heritage, pointed out that one of the important capacities of the country, both culturally and socially, and economically, is the tourism industry, and said: the dependence of the governments during the 20 Last year, oil revenues have been an important obstacle to the country’s economic growth, while Iran has a lot of potential for economic growth and development.

He stated that, unfortunately, in the past years, the Cultural Heritage Organization of the country and today, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts have unwanted restrictions for tourists and travelers, adding: Overcoming these restrictions and obstacles requires paying attention to important issues that One of them is the double attention to the countries of the region and neighbors.

The representative of the people of Gonabad and Bejastan in the Islamic Council pointed out that the travel of tourists from regional countries such as Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, etc. by air, land, sea and rail to Iran is an advantage. It is considered that it should be given more attention, he continued: preparing a suitable platform for accepting more travelers from neighboring countries can send a message to the whole world that the Islamic Republic of Iran, contrary to false propaganda, Enemies of a safe and peaceful country.

Referring to the necessity of confronting the project of Iranophobia, Safai Deloui said: The Islamic Republic of Iran has the ability to welcome 10 million foreign tourists, especially from the region. After the presence of these travelers and tourists in our country, the Iranophobia project will weaken by itself, because these travelers are ambassadors who introduce safe and beautiful Iran to the world.

A member of the Economic Commission of the Islamic Council, emphasizing that the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts in the current situation should pay more attention to attracting tourists from the countries of the region and the growth and development of the medical tourism or health tourism industry. It should be noted that fortunately in Iran, there are good infrastructures in this field and experts are present to provide services to travelers in the country.

Stating that Iran can earn 10 billion dollars annually from medical tourism, this member of parliament continued: Foreign travelers can travel to Iran at a better price and benefit from high-quality medical services at a lower price. Therefore, therapeutic tourism is an opportunity and a mission, the main burden of which is on the shoulders of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts.

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