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The song “Daye Daye, Time of War” was recorded

According to the report of Arya Heritage and quoted from the public relations of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, in the past few days, out of about 30 cases that were submitted by five provinces for registration, two cases were “Song of Daye Daye Vaght Jangeh” from Lorestan province and “How to make and “Playing the Chagur instrument” from Central Province was registered in the National List of Intangible Heritage.

The song “Daye Daye Wakht Jangeh” is more than a hundred years old, and its roots go back to the First World War and the time of the presence of Russian and British forces in Iran. When the people of Lor were harassed by foreign people, they composed this song to unite and strengthen the spirit of bravery in their people, which shows the bravery and resistance of these people, which is usually performed with the fiddle, the most important instrument of the people of Lor.

This song with the voice of master Reza Soqaei is also registered in the list of famous works of Iranian music.

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