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According to Tejarat News, Akbar Nikzad, head of the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation of the country, traveled to Shahin Dej and Takab cities today, November 21, and while visiting Najar and Aghajari villages of Shahin Dej and Tarmakchi and Garakhlo villages of Takab, he talked with the people of the region. It was included in the implementation process of the rural leader projects of these villages.

According to Isna, the head of the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation, at the meeting of Shahin Dej governorship, emphasized on providing resources for rural housing loans from the National Housing Fund and said: rural housing construction loans with a credit of 200 million tomans will be paid to applicants in all provinces.

He added: In November last year, in the Supreme Council of Housing and in the presence of the President, the provision of 200 million tomans facilities for rural housing with five-year interest and 20-year repayment was approved. .

Nikzad added: “Now we have 190,347 rural housing units under construction, which have received a loan of 200 million tomans.

According to the head of the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation, according to the law, 13% of the amount of this loan is paid as a loan subsidy by the government.

He Babian said that in the new resolution, the five-year residence requirement has been removed: Applicants can receive the loan with a chain guarantee. Payment of benefits to residents of cities with less than 25,000 people has also been approved.

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