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Payment of 209 billion dirhams of marriage facilities and 5 billion dirhams of child loan

In order to promote the good tradition of marriage, from the beginning of 1401 to the first of July of this year, the bank paid 160 loan facilities equal to 209 thousand million Rials to the applicants in order to promote the good tradition of marriage.
According to this report, currently 178 applicants are waiting in line to be introduced to the bank’s operating branches and 181 applicants are in the process of obtaining marriage loan facilities in the operating branches. Karafarin Bank has paid marriage loans to 160 applicants for Qarz al-Hasna facilities from April 1, 1401 to July 1, 1401. This rate was 16 points in the two weeks of April, 57 points in the second month of the year and 87 points in the third month of the year.

Childbearing loan
Karafarin Bank provided childbearing facilities to 15 people
Karafarin Bank also paid 15 facilities by announcing the Central Bank’s directive regarding the provision of childbearing facilities.
Based on this and in order to promote the culture of childbearing, from the beginning of 1401 to July 1 of this year, 15 childbearing facilities equal to 5 billion and 200 million rials were paid to the applicants.
According to the report, currently 469 applicants are waiting in line to be introduced to the bank’s operating branches and 231 applicants are in the process of obtaining Gharz al-Hasna childbearing facilities in the operating branches. Karafarin Bank has paid childbearing facilities to 15 applicants of Gharz al-Hasna facilities from April 1, 1401 to July 1, 1401.

How to get a child loan
According to the circular issued by the Central Bank to the banks, providing Qarz al-Hasna childbearing facilities is on the agenda of Karafarin Bank.
Thus, based on the credit of the applicants, the banks are obliged to take the promissory note from the applicant or a valid guarantor, to pay the said facility as described below.
According to the law, for children who have been born in Iran since 1400 and whose fathers also have the citizenship of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Qarz al-Hasna facilities for childbearing, 20 million Tomans for the first child, 40 million Tomans for the second child, 60 million Tomans will be paid for the third child, 80 million Tomans for the fourth child and 100 million Tomans for the fifth child. Also, childbearing facilities are provided to people whose fertility rate is not higher than 2.5 in the city where the father or child was born.
Childbirth facilities are paid without the need for a deposit and with a six-month grace period to start the installments. However, if the term investment deposit is authenticated, the applicant will be exempted from introducing a guarantor or presenting a promissory note.
Childbearing facilities are paid annually at a rate of 4%, and in the case of the birth of twins and older, a loan is granted for each child and the order of birth is taken into account.
Child-rearing loans are granted only to persons who register in the Central Bank’s Gharz-ul-Hasna facilities system, which is the same system as marriage-related Gharz-ul-Hasna facilities, and its procedure, like marriage loans, It will be notified directly to one of the branches of Karafarin Bank and will be payable by the said branch.
Based on this, applicants can refer to the mentioned facility system at the following address to register:

Childbearing facility system

Eligible applicants (fathers) for those born from April 1, 1400 onwards and up to 2 years after the birth of the child, can register their application in the relevant system, and if during the repayment period of the birth facility, another child of the applicant Born, the payment of the mentioned facilities is possible according to the rules of this instruction to the next child.

The process of getting a marriage loan
The process of receiving marriage loan facilities in Karafarin Bank is as follows; Each couple must individually register and receive registration in the Central Bank Marriage Loan Facility System.
Then, by the bank supervisor specified by the applicant in the system, the branch paying the facility is specified and an information registration SMS is sent to the registrant and the next stage of receiving the facility is sent.
In the last stage, the applicant must go to the branch, submit the necessary documents, complete his / her file and receive his / her marriage loan.
It should be noted that this process should not take more than 45 days, otherwise the applicant must re-register.

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