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Pictures of the custom version of Nvidia GTX 1630 graphics card

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Over the past few weeks, a lot of information has been released about Nvidia’s affordable, low-end GTX 1630 graphics card. Recently, images of a custom model of this product belonging to the GIGABYTE brand were seen in the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), which shows more information about its design and appearance. Stay tuned to Lyon Tak.

The GTX 1630 is more suitable for users who do not want to incur high costs for their system, and due to its small size, it can also be a great option for Mini-ITX cases. This product seems to be the weakest and of course the cheapest member of the GTX 1000 family so far.

Pictures of the custom version of Nvidia GTX 1630 graphics card

In the latest news, the European Economic Commission has unveiled three models of this card belonging to the GIGABYTE brand, which include the GV-N1630OC-4GB, GV-N1630OC-4GL and GV-N1630D6-4GL graphics cards, respectively. All three models offer the same VRAM capacity but differ slightly in design.

Custom GTX 1630 models were seen at the EEC.

Exact details of these cards are not yet available, but the available information shows that the first model uses only one fan and the second model has a low-profile appearance with a dual fan. The GV-N1630D6-4GL is only available with factory overclocking, but the other two cards are available with standard and factory overclocking.

The thermal power of the overclocked model is expected to reach 75 watts. Specifications of the GTX 1630 include a reduced TU117 GPU with 512 CUDA cores. The card will also have 4GB of RAM and a 64-bit interface bus.

Memory bandwidth on the GTX 1630 is up to 96 Gbps, which is even less than the old Pascal-based GTX 1050 Ti graphics card. No information is yet available on the launch date and price of the GTX 1630, but Nvidia is expected to release more details in the coming weeks. In terms of price, this card is expected to be marketed with a label of $ 150.

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