Poor players are molded into teams by brokers / Excess list release causes division in Persepolis

Zia Arabshahi In a conversation with Mizan, about receiving a loan of 10 billion Tomans from the club Persepolis From the Football Federation, he stated: “An important event has taken place here and why should Persepolis Club sign such a heavy contract with the Football Federation?” This shows the weakness of ignorant managers who have signed big and heavy contracts with low quality players out of emotion. These contracts have caused damage to the Persepolis club complex.

Pointing out that the two big teams of Iran should be a launching pad for many players, he said: “Players who love Persepolis and Esteghlal should not sign heavy and far-fetched contracts with these two clubs.” It should be the wish of every player to play in the two big teams of the capital one day and then join the national team or become a legionnaire.

The veteran of Persepolis football team, regarding the fact that low-quality players are easily entered into the teams by brokers, said: “Why should the CEO go under the burden of a heavy contract with a player who was not so valuable until two years ago?” Unfortunately, the brokers like to sit under the feet of managers and coaches and mold a player who is not of high value to the teams very easily and many times their original price. After a poor player leaves the team, the club has to think about paying the player’s contract. Unfortunately, all the debts that the two capital clubs owe are managers who are not very familiar with the management debate.

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He added: I think Mehdi Rasoolpanah He was the only CEO who refused to sign heavy contracts and did not come under the disgraceful burden of not casting low-quality players on the Persepolis football team; Because he knew he could create a lot of problems for the club in the future. In addition, some players increase the amount of their contracts with options and other things, and this is only caused by speculators, who, unfortunately, our coaches also ignored, and only tried to attract these players anyway.

Arabshahi pointed out that a remarkable and new point has happened for Persepolis at the end of the Premier League season, noting: Before the end of the current season and the remaining 6 games of the Premier League, a team with 40-50 million fans and the decision to win For the sixth time in a row, unfortunately, the list of surplus staff provided by the club’s management has reached the players, and this has caused divisions in the team.

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