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Pouraliganji: We have no other goal but to make the people of Iran happy/The biggest strength of Iran is being a team

According to Fars news agency, Morteza Pouraliganji said in a press conference before the training of our national football team today at Al-Ryan camp in Qatar: I hope the press conference will be good and we can use it together with journalists. I congratulate Qatar for holding the World Cup and I hope that it will be a cup that is auspicious for us and the dear people of Iran and will go forward in the best way for the Qataris because I know that they have spent a lot of money and planned. I hope the World Cup will be done in the best way.

He added: “I and all the legends of our country have tried to walk this path and reach this dream so that we can make the hearts of our dear people happy by running and sweating.” We have no other goal than this.

Pourali Ganji continued: “The only thing I can say is that with full commitment and concentration, we have sworn to be able to make our dear people happy with the best show as a national team player and always be the pride of the people of our land.” As we all know, the World Cup is a great showcase for all the players in the world. After all the hard work, the players reach the level of being in the World Cup.

The defender of our country’s national team emphasized: I, people like me and all the players of the national team, such as the legends of our country, such as Ali Daei, Mehdi Mahdavikia, Javad Nekonam, etc., are not exempt from this rule and we have tried to follow this path and achieve this dream. So that we can make the dear people of our country happy by sweating and running. We have no other goal than this.

Pouraliganji explained that the strength of the national team in the previous World Cup, which was praised by foreign media, was defensive work, and whether the situation is the same in this Cup: The biggest strength of our team, which was in the previous World Cup we showed, it was that we tried together as a team to not score goals and to defend the team. Take players like Sardar, Taremi and Azmoun from the front line, and those who played in the back did it.

He continued: The biggest issue that the staff conveyed to the players in the previous World Cup and the previous period in which I was not present was unity, empathy and fighting. We formed a family so that we could defend each other. I think that in this World Cup, we will all take advantage of this strength and get the best results.

Pouraliganji said about the change of the head coach of the national team after advancing to the World Cup and that they can continue their progress with Queiroz who has a history of coaching in England and is aware of the football conditions of this country. I was invited to the national team with Keirosh’s trust. His biggest strength is the unity and respect he creates between the players. It empathizes with all the players who play and don’t play.

He added: The only thing that governs here is the verb to want, and Keirosh tells all the children that we must get what we want and we must work hard to get it. I think that children are happier and more empathetic with Keirosh’s presence. I hope that God will give us strength and that the days when we play will be our good days so that we can bring happiness to our country, our people and the men and women of Iran with hard work and effort.

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