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Power outage of 8 high-consumption office devices in Tehran + names

According to the economic correspondent of Fars News Agency, at the same time with the warming of the air and the increase in electricity consumption for cooling devices in the community, the Tehran Electricity Distribution Company had previously announced in announcements that government agencies, organizations and ministries must follow the consumption pattern, otherwise In this regard, Masoud Nasri, the head of the monitoring center of the electricity company, announced today: ‌ Devices that do not follow the consumption pattern will be cut off by remote control or by sending mobile crews. 8 executive and administrative devices That bیش They were cut off from the defined pattern of power consumption.

He said: “Institutions such as Sharif University of Technology Jihad, Central Branch of Keshavarzi Bank (Supervision), Tejarat Bank, Highways Organization, International Exhibition, Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of Iran, Research and Training Organization for Agriculture and Construction Center Iran Telecommunication was cut off.

According to Nasri, at 12 o’clock, when most of the administrative work is done and the number of clients decreases, the devices that fall short of the consumption pattern and have more than the electricity consumption pattern will be cut off. Also, 250 operational teams have been activated in this field. Electricity consumption of offices and organizations is monitored and field visits are carried out.

The head of the monitoring company of the electricity company said: “All administrative devices and organizations are obliged to follow the consumption pattern, and if their electricity is cut off, they should act through the emergency power supply generator and people should not be delayed in these offices.”

He also said: “After the power outage is cut off, the administrative apparatus should refer to the highest official in that organization or department and promise that it will follow the pattern of electricity consumption, after which their branch will be connected.”

According to Nasri, three of the mentioned departments have been warned several times so far and their branches have been cut off.

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