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Prepare children for the new school year / make students responsible

Family group – Zohreh Saeedi: Schools have been closed for two years due to the outbreak of coronation in the country, and children attend classes online and take exams at the end of the year. During this time, many families are satisfied with this situation and many others They also complained that they could not afford the children’s homework, some had more difficult access to the Internet and cyberspace, and some had good conditions for use in city centers. In the first report, we will introduce the basics of order in sleep and wakefulness, nutrition and physical fitness of children, which you can read here. In the second report, the issue of motivating students to study and in this report, motivating students We read.

Teaching responsibility is one of the most important things parents can do for their children. Responsibility education requires cooperation at home and school, which is possible with the efforts of parents and teachers, while schools are reopening and the issue of school and corona is the concern of all parents, it is better if in the field of making children more responsible We have not done much so far, we can follow this program when the schools reopen.

1. Assign tasks appropriate to the age and ability of the child

Assign tasks appropriate to the child’s age and ability. For example, children should be responsible for collecting stationery and tidying up their room. It is better to know that from now on, when schools and lessons and homework start, it is better for one of the children to clean the room every day and for everyone to collect their personal stationery.

2. Divide the tasks

Involve children in assigning tasks. If your child has a role to play in choosing tasks for himself, he will listen to you more.
Once tasks are defined, be consistent in following them. Sometimes parents are impatient and think that if they do something themselves, it is easier than reminding their child many times.

3. Consider the consequences for children’s irresponsibility

To avoid the task, consider the consequences, such as being denied a special dessert or watching TV for fifteen minutes. Any kids who do not clean their rooms or do not exercise can cancel the weekend entertainment, at first glance some may think this is not right but in fact it is a negative reinforcement for being responsible To be.

Prepare children for the new school year / make students responsible

4. Define some conditional rules

For example, for Friday, you can set the following rule: first we do everything and then we go for a walk. Or do your homework first and then watch TV.

5. Each student is responsible for his own mistakes

Teach your child to take responsibility for his or her mistakes. For example, if he spills liquid on the floor, we should ask him to help clean it, or if he loses his pencil or notebook, he should ask his classmate for leaflets, not for the mothers to interfere.

6. Encourage your student

Encourage your child to do whatever he or she does according to his or her age. Of course, encouraging does not mean paying a ransom.

7. Leave small tasks to him

When children take on simple tasks, they feel that they are participating in doing something useful for the family. Let them get what they want: If your child wants an expensive gift, help them use their skills.

Ultimately, showing a sense of responsibility is not inherent. It is the family trait and the product of social relationships and interaction with others that grows. Parents, meanwhile, play a central role in conveying a responsible spirit to the child. Therefore, it is important that you, as parents, direct your parenting behaviors towards raising responsible children. Never tell your child your thoughts about things that bother you. Your word comes and the child learns it.

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