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Presidential order to pursue the revival of Miankale

According to Aria Heritage, quoting the base of the first deputy, Dr. Mohammad Mokhber, in this meeting that was held this afternoon (Monday, May 25, 1401), described the country’s wetlands as a divine blessing for the country and said: “Unfortunately, these assets of God are being destroyed and “They are disappearing, and it is necessary for all the responsible agencies to work hard to maintain them.”

The First Vice President added: “Although all the people of the country should benefit from the wetlands, but unfortunately we see that the country’s wetlands are in danger of drying out, and if we do not take the necessary measures to preserve, rehabilitate and develop them, we must face God.” “And let the people be accountable.”

Dr. Mokhber, referring to the lack of a comprehensive view and lack of proper management for the protection of wetlands, said: “These are the plans.”

The First Vice President emphasized the government’s serious approach to paying attention to environmental considerations and red lines, adding: “The environment is the lifeblood of all living things that need serious care, so the government is not short of any of these short-term considerations in times of environmental damage. does not come.”
Referring to the reports presented at the meeting on the issues of Miankaleh Wetland and the revitalization of Gorgan Bay, the informant said: “Let us fulfill this promise.”
The First Vice President called on the Minister of Energy, the Head of the Environmental Protection Organization and the Governor of Golestan to take the necessary decisions as soon as possible to implement and expedite the plan to facilitate communication between the sea and the Gulf of Gorgan to revive this natural area.

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The meeting was also attended by the Ministers of Interior, Energy, Agricultural Jihad, Foreign Affairs, the Head of the Environmental Protection Organization and the Governor of Golestan. Was investigated.

In this meeting, explanations were also given about the current situation, the main challenges ahead and priority projects for the rehabilitation of Gomishan International Wetland, and a report on the comprehensive plan for the restoration, protection and management of this international wetland was presented, which was approved.

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