Principles: Return of Kierosh? Skocic is our coach at the World Cup / Majidi does not need to resign if he is nominated for the presidency

According to the sports reporter of Tasnim News Agency, Ehsan Osuli stated about the elections of the Football Federation, which will be held on the 8th of September: “According to the conditions of the statute, the actions of the assembly were done much earlier and its headquarters was formed.” Necessary correspondence was made to the members of the assembly and the time of the assembly was informed. The first meeting of the initial committee was held and coordination is underway. We have on the agenda the election of the president, vice president and representative of the clubs in the board of directors of the football federation.

He pointed out that it is said that Mirshad Majedi must resign from the post of President of the Football Federation 50 days before the election, in order to run for the presidency of the Football Federation. To be nominated. The president of the federation is a member of the board and there is no ban on registering members of the board.

A spokesman for the football federation said that decisions could not be made on the basis of individual opinion and desire. He or any member of the board can register for the chairmanship.

Regarding the election of a caretaker as Mehrdad Seraji in the board of directors, Osuli stated: The articles of association state that until 50% of the members are absent, the board of directors can nominate a caretaker for the desired position until the next meeting. We have a short time until the assembly and this has not happened due to the volume of work. We are not in the service of the third deputy chairman of the board (Shohreh Mousavi) and the meeting of the board is not on the agenda to appoint a supervisor. Things are done according to the authority and we do not face any problem in this regard. If necessary, we will convene a meeting and think of the necessary measures.

Regarding the situation of Shohreh Mousavi, the vice president of the Women’s Football Federation, she said: The conditions for the non-appointment of a member of the board, including dismissal, absence from four consecutive meetings, having a sentence, death, etc., did not apply to Mousavi. He has not resigned and we can not set a deadline for his return to the board. If Mousavi does not attend the four meetings of the board, his position will be vacant, which has not happened to him.

A spokesman for the Football Federation clarified about attracting a sponsor: “From the position of a spokesman for the federation, I say that I have resigned from the marketing committee. We do things and wait for friends to decide. We want to use the digital support capabilities we issued in the call and we considered the business partner model. A number of interested companies submitted their proposals and initial talks were scheduled.

“The federation is looking to use the capacity of cyberspace,” Osuli said. . Businesses also face economic constraints, and this shows its impact on supporting football.

He noted that the Football Association is working to provide financial support and support for national teams, noting that identifying a business partner in the digital context can make a fundamental difference in the federation’s funding. We also published a call for sportswear and the evaluation committee of the Trading Commission came to a conclusion. We also had a foreign bidding company. Company scores are summarized and finalized within the next day or two.

A member of the board of directors of the Football Federation said about the time of determining the national team jersey in the 2022 World Cup: “Soon we will have the unveiling ceremony of the national team sportswear sponsor, which will be held in the Kish Free Zone.” The exact time and brand will be announced in the next few days. This happened to formal wear and a limited call was made. This issue is also being finalized and the national team uniform and brand used will be unveiled by mid-July.

Regarding the federation’s plans for holding preparatory games, Osuli said: “In this regard, intensive consultations and talks are being held in the area of ​​the secretary general and the president of the federation.” Majidi himself is following up on this issue, and we approached the two teams, which we will announce if it is finalized. This time we took into account the flaws in the previous Fifadi in order to move forward in a way that gets a good result. I hope that this time the events outside the federation will not happen so that we can have a good Fifadi.

Regarding Saleh Amiri’s talks about the national team’s friendly match with Hungary, he said: “This issue is subject to the approval of the head coach and there was no official discussion between us and the Hungarian federation and the talks were unofficial.”

A spokesman for the Football Federation said about the forgery of Hassan Kamranifar’s signature regarding the list of the women’s team, the bonuses, as well as the announcement of government support: The forgery of the signature is followed through his own channel and Mr. Kamranifar himself explains. The government and the parliament have helped us and are helping us, and it is very effective, but in the discussion of financing and the approval of the parliament, we need to speed up the work. Because these days we need these resources to prepare the national team and we should not take medicine after Sohrab’s death. Follow-ups are underway, and if resources reach the federation in a timely manner, it will be more effective so that we can have better and more principled planning.

Principles regarding VAR stated: The category of VAR is complex. We had a meeting last week and FIFA had a list of 15 companies until last year, which has risen to 5 this year. In connection with cooperation with these 5 companies, there are some restrictions that must be formed in our relations. The team working on the VAR is following up on the issue, and on the other hand, it must be within the framework of FIFA-approved companies. Their conditions must be considered, and implementation in our country needs its own work. The work is complicated, but our friends in the federation are following the work and it is not possible to announce a time in this regard.

Regarding the signing of the contract of Skocic foreign assistants and the non-signing of the contract of Iranian assistants and whether the process of Iranian coaches for simultaneous presence in the club and the national team has changed, he said: “No, this issue has not changed and national and club coaches must choose one of them.” Choose so that there is no conflict of interest. We talked to Mr. Hashemian yesterday and work is underway to finalize the contract, and perhaps the contract has already been concluded.

“No, our coach is Skocic at the World Cup and the members of the technical staff are also based on the list,” said a spokesman for the Football Association, in response to the question that the issue of Carlos Queiroz’s return had been raised and that he had also sent a positive pulse. They gave, they were selected and their contract was signed, and we will go to the World Cup with the same team.

Regarding the presence of Karim Bagheri in the technical staff of the national team, Osuli stated: Apparently, Mr. Bagheri was chosen by Persepolis.

He said about the meeting of Mehdi Taremi and Alireza Jahanbakhsh in the presidential institution and what this presence was about: I have no information in this regard.

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