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Production of more than one thousand billion tomans of insurance premiums by “Vatawoon”

According to the correspondent of the Monetary and Financial News Base, the activity report of the Cooperative Insurance Company, which was published in the Kedal system, shows that the company has paid 545 billion and 524 million Tomans in damages in various fields in the financial period ending March 20, 2010.
The highest production premiums of this company are related to compulsory third disciplines with a share of 36% (379 billion Tomans), treatment with a share of 21% (224 billion Tomans) and non-savings life with a share of 11% (118 billion Tomans), respectively. .
However, the most damages paid by this company were related to the field of treatment with a share of 37% (203 billion Tomans), non-savings life with a share of 18% (96 billion Tomans) and compulsory third party with a share of 17% (94 billion Tomans).
This report also shows that out of a total of 1,048 billion tomans of premiums produced in cooperative insurance, 136 billion and 246 billion tomans of premiums were produced in March 1400 alone.
On the other hand, out of the total of 545 billion Tomans of damages paid, 75 billion and 480 million Tomans of damages have been paid only in the last month of 1400.
Accordingly, 47% of the production insurance premium of “Vatavoon” in March belonged to the mandatory third category (64 billion Tomans) and out of the total 75 billion Tomans of damages, 32% belonged to this category.

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