We are far ahead of the World Cup in Russia / The horror of the World Cup is for the legionnaires

Hamid Alidosti In a conversation with Mizan, about the preparation process and the preparatory meetings that should be included in the preparation program National football team on the way 2022 World Cup “I have never approached the lottery, because the best teams from different continents are present at a World Cup event, and no opponent can be underestimated,” he said. The 32 teams in the World Cup have won quotas by defeating their rivals, so it should not matter to us which teams we are in the same group with, and instead we should fully adhere to a plan that is designed in advance.

He added: “We do not have a hard or easy group in the World Cup.” To prove this, I refer to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where the Iranian national team was in the same group with the powerful teams of Spain, Portugal and Morocco. At the time when the Iranian team draw was announced, the vast majority of experts and football fans believed that the Iranian team had no chance on paper against Spain and Portugal and hoped that we would not say goodbye to the World Cup with a bad result, but at the end of the group stage. And by observing Iran’s performance against these powers, opinions had completely changed. Even if Tarmi’s shot was scored in the final moments of the game against Portugal, the Iranian team would rise from that tough group.

* Group and draw in the World Cup does not matter

Emphasizing the approaching power of teams in world football, the Iranian football expert stated: “Modern football is not like 20-30 years ago, and all teams have brought their level of football to the world level by investing, planning and moving in the direction of development.” . In modern football, it is not like we can classify and differentiate national teams as in previous decades, because now the number of teams with a plan and quality is very high. In matches the size of the World Cup, no group or draw matters at all, but the most important thing is to be able to prepare well and move forward with a plan-based approach.

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* Preparatory games are a subset of mental and psychological issues

Emphasizing the psychological issues in the process of preparing the national football team, he said: “After the national team draw in the World Cup is determined, there is constant talk about preparation games and suitable opponents for friendly matches, but we should not forget to hold preparatory games.” It is a subset of mental and psychological issues and only leads to an increase in the technical level of the players and the team. The first issue that should be on the agenda of the technical staff of the national team and the football federation is mental and psychological issues.

The football veteran added: “Sometimes I hear that it is said that with the prejudice and zeal of the players, it is possible to overcome any opponent.” I agree with the last part of this sentence, which is the ability to win against any opponent, but I have a problem with the first part, because in modern football, no matter how mentally prepared each team is, it will eventually get the best results. The national team must mentally reach a situation where the players are at the peak of technical and psychological readiness when starting the game with England.

Skocic’s results and statistics answer many questions

Regarding the number of legionnaires in the national team, he said: “We are much ahead of the World Cup in the last 4 years, because many players in this period were also present in the previous season and played against teams such as Spain and Portugal.” This experience is valuable and should be used well on the ground. We also now have very well-known and quality legionnaires who play at the highest level of European football. The same legionnaires are constantly confronted with famous teams and players in club competitions in Europe, and this leads to a high level of self-confidence. The horror of the World Cup is for experienced players and legionnaires and they can play against stronger teams with more confidence.

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Alidosti in response to a question about whether Skucic is at the level of Iranian football? “I think Skocic should be supported and he should lead the national team 100% in the World Cup,” he said. Skocic has left a very good resume and statistics of himself and that, because he has a very good knowledge of the players and the football atmosphere in Iran, he is one step ahead of any coach that is brought. The national team led by Skocic not only had an easy qualification to the World Cup, but also became the first Asian team to qualify for the World Cup a few games later.

He concluded: “Do those who make such statements think that it is easy to get these results?” It is sometimes said that Skocic is not at the level of Iranian football, but if we pay attention to the results and statistics, many questions will be answered.

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