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Prohibited entry into Qatar

According to the Moj News Agency, according to the announcement of the Qatar Customs Department, after receiving their luggage, passengers can leave the airport by passing through the customs department. At Domsir airport there is a customs to choose from; If the person does not have anything to declare to the customs, he chooses the green channel, otherwise, he must go through the red channel. Recommended, if you have “something to announce” choose the red channel.

But according to the Qatari law, what things are forbidden to enter this country:

Alcoholic beverages (of any kind)

Currency, jewelry and precious stones (over the allowed limit) – according to the announcement of the Qatar Customs Department, the entry and exit of more than 50 thousand Qatari Rials (equivalent to about 16 thousand dollars or 570 million Tomans at the current rate) from the borders of this country must be reported to the Customs Department. be stated



More than 400 cigarettes

Possessing personal items and gifts whose value is more than 3000 Qatari Rials (825 US dollars or about 30 million Tomans).

Pork products

Luggage, personal belongings and gifts imported by travelers to Qatar must meet the following conditions to be exempted from additional customs fees:

Furniture and gifts should be personal and in non-commercial amounts.

The mentioned furniture and gifts are not subject to the prohibitions and restrictions contained in the customs law and other laws.

The value of a gift should not be more than 3000 Qatari Rials (825 US dollars or about 30 million Tomans).

The number of cigarettes subject to exemption should not exceed (400) four hundred threads and it can be replaced with 20 cigars or 300 grams of crushed pipe tobacco or 500 grams of raw tobacco, provided that its value is from three thousand (3000) Qatari Rials. not more

If their value is more than the specified amount, customs duties will be charged for this increase.

Refusing to submit a declaration, providing false information or refusing to provide additional information to the customs about the source of currency, negotiable financial documents, precious metals or precious stones is subject to imprisonment for a maximum of three years or a fine between 100,000 and 500,000 Qatari Rials. It will be about 27 thousand to 137 thousand dollars) or twice the transferred funds along with the confiscation of property.

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