Promulgation of new rules for online platforms connected to real estate and accommodation system

According to Tejarat News, the review of the housing market in the past years shows that whenever the crisis and inflation in this field have intensified, instead of finding the right solution and applying the right policies, the government has been looking for an accuser so that it can take the blame from itself and put it on the shoulders. throw another

The new accused of the government these days are online platforms. Government men believe that these platforms have fueled inflation in this field and increased speculation by publishing sales ads online.

Javad Sadat Frizni, the head of the Center for Development and Strategic Policies of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, explained about the role of platforms: some of the advertisements published in the field of housing do not exist externally, while others are related to supportive housing and government projects that are sold and assigned. It is illegal, and some of them are related to the pre-sale of housing, which, in case of publication, requires a request for a road and urban planning permit.

He continued: Pricing based on unrealistic advertisements and fueling market inflammation are other cases that have a tangible effect on the market.

New rules for online platforms

In this regard, news has recently been heard about increasing the control of platforms and drafting new rules for them; The rules that online platforms have to follow in order to survive.

One of these rules is the connection of real estate advertising platforms to the real estate and accommodation system. Mohammad Hossein Qamari, the Director General of the Trade Unions of the Ministry of Secrecy, told the Young Journalists Club in this regard: Real estate advertising platforms wrote to the Ministry of Secrecy last Thursday. They asked for another two weeks to connect to the real estate and accommodation system. This request was approved. Therefore, these platforms will have a deadline until September 22.

Realtors accused the other government for the high cost of housing

Before online platforms, the 13th government pointed its finger at real estate consultants. Government officials believed that real estate consultants’ manipulation of prices and the investment of this trade in the housing market will fuel inflation in the housing sector; An argument that did not agree with the opinion of experts.

Baitullah Satarian, an expert in housing economics, previously told Tejarat News: “In the past 30 to 40 years, whenever governments have reached a dead end, they have looked for the culprit and blamed the problem on others. How much influence can real estate agents have on the housing market of an entire country?”

He also stated: “Mostly, they always say that their impact is less than 10% and they can be effective if they act in a unified manner at the level of the whole country. Of course, if they want to work on a certain area or block and increase the price of houses, they may be effective by 10 to 15 percent.”

Despite the mentioned cases and several months have passed since the beginning of the rental season, there is still no news of the government applying an efficient policy to organize the housing market.

The previous solutions implemented by the revolutionary government in the housing market were not very useful as predicted by the experts, and despite the 15-20% decrease in prices in the housing market, this market has plunged into recession to such an extent that, according to real estate consultants, housing transactions are locked. have became!

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