Protest against the stock market disruption / “The air is cold and the systems do not start!”

According to Tejarat News, the stock market started its work today with a disruption in the trading system, and the registration of buy and sell orders was difficult due to a disruption in the core. Disruption in the stock exchange trading system (TSETMC) continues.

This disorder was followed by protests from shareholders and stock market activists. Here are some of these reactions:

“The air is cold and the systems are not starting right now!”

“Mashdi Modeli car, without horn and seat, is faster than your trading system”

“God forbid you wake up very sweet, for a stagnant market, then its core should be like this.” Haji, expel everyone, let’s bring a nucleus in Metavars and let’s go up there “

“One day we are, there is a nucleus, there is no money, one day there is money, we are, there is no nucleus, one day there is a nucleus, there is money, but it is collective”

“From the repetitive surprises of the market !!! “Namak was cut off!”

“This market is doomed to grow. The henna of nucleating the core, cutting off the power of the data center, proposing strange laws and pliers gas, closing the stock exchange code of the market people and suspending the symbols are no longer colored. “These have no effect on the trading process.”

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