Quadrilateral meeting of ambassadors of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria in Oman

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, “Qais Al-Ameri”, the Iraqi ambassador in Oman, announced that he discussed and exchanged opinions with the ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria in a four-way meeting.

The Iraqi ambassador, today (Tuesday), to the Omani websiteetherHe said that he has discussed with his Iranian counterpart Ali Najafi, his Saudi counterpart Abdullah Al-Anzi and his Syrian counterpart Idris Mia about the great opportunities of the countries in the region in the future in the shadow of the peace created in the region.

The Iraqi ambassador, who hosted his Iranian, Saudi and Syrian counterparts in this meeting, while expressing his satisfaction with this hosting, stated that if it were not for the efforts of Oman and Baghdad, which insisted on facilitating dialogue between friends and brothers during the tension, such a meeting would not have taken place. It did not happen.

This meeting took place while “Mohammed Kazem Al-Sadegh”, Iran’s ambassador to Iraq, hosted the ambassadors of many countries, including Riyadh’s ambassador in Baghdad, for the Iftar ceremony.

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