The registration time for mortgage loan has been extended + details

The deadline for the housing deposit facility has been extended until the end of September this year, and the guarantee conditions for this loan are the same as micro-bank facilities.

The housing deposit loan has recently increased. The housing deposit loan is taken with low installments. The housing deposit loan is given to the tenants.Housing loan should be received by the bank. There are special conditions for receiving a housing deposit loan.

According to the latest circular issued by the central bank to 20 different banks, the housing loan and deposit is paid from 40 million tomans to 100 million tomans in different cities, which of course has conditions.

According to the executive instructions of housing loan and deposit, which was notified to the operating banks by the central bank last year, the said facility is paid to the tenant in the form of a contract for the purchase of goods and services by the bank/non-banking credit institution.

The terms of housing loan and deposit guarantee are also in the form of this circular in accordance with the executive instructions for granting micro-facilities announced in the circulars issued last year. According to this instruction, the bank or credit institution is obliged to inquire about the history of bounced checks and non-current debts of the customer before granting the facility, because under these conditions, it is prohibited to pay the facility to this category of customers.

It is also stated in this instruction that “in granting micro-facilities to a customer with a history and credit score, the credit institution can, by complying with the legal duties and related regulations as well as the conditions contained in this instruction, proportional to the customer’s credit score, the amount of micro-facilities granted and the degree of liquidity provided bonds and guarantees, receive a maximum of two of the guarantees and bonds as described in the following examples from the facility recipient or guarantor.

The conditions for guaranteeing or validating micro-bank loans are based on the Central Bank’s circular, which of course also includes housing deposit loans. Commercial securities such as customer checks or promissory notes, debt securities, including bonds accepted in the capital market and others, shares of companies accepted in the stock exchange, including equity shares, investment units of investment funds tradable on the stock exchange, checks or promissory notes by the guarantor, property An object of customary value such as a car, jewelry or gold artifacts, account subsidy for individuals, a certificate of deduction from rights by a customer or guarantor, a guarantee of a business person with a business license who is engaged in economic activity at the time of granting the facility.

In this central bank circular, it is also stated that in rural areas, the guarantee of a person living in the village, whose eligibility and competence is confirmed by the village Islamic council, must be attached to the seal of the village Islamic council, a permanent SIM card registered under the customer’s ownership, for villagers, farmers. , traditional herders and nomads, livestock grazing license, agricultural well license, agricultural land ownership document, chain guarantee, guarantee issued by the company where the customer is employed, including guaranteeing the borrower’s debt, valid contract and other guarantees in accordance with the customer’s credit score and the credit institution’s recognition. Another condition of loan guarantee is housing deposit.

Source: ISNA

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