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Radio Salamat became spectacular for the deaf / Scientific achievements in “Chapter Two” – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the public relations of Radio Salamat, the program “Let’s talk together”, which is broadcast every day on Radio Salamat, is to be recorded in the presence of translators for the deaf and made available to deaf and hard of hearing listeners on the radio network’s website. To take.

Maliheh Kazemi, who is the producer of the “Let’s Talk” program, explained: “On the last Saturdays of the month, we will record this program with the presence of translators for the deaf and hard of hearing, and then it will be uploaded on Radio Salamat to be available.” The deaf and dumb listeners should be able to receive programs and topics through it.

He continued: “The topic of the program is also about deaf and hard of hearing listeners and how to have a better quality of life.” This program from Saturday to Wednesday at 2:00 PM on Radio Salamat in the form of a specialized magazine deals with the problems of the new generation and compares it with the previous generation. The preparation of the program is a week between me and Peyman Panahi. On Tuesday, June 20, we will discuss the subject of planning in life.

Kazemi stated: This radio program with the focus on psychological topics is broadcast by the Health and Mental Health Group of Radio Salamat and deals with topics that are of concern to the listeners every day. The study of mental and communication disorders, depression, man and nature and… are other topics that we address.

One of the axes of the program is the characteristics of balanced and purposeful human beings, and the solutions of these characteristics are presented in the program.

Introduction of scientific achievements in “Chapter Two”

The “Season 2” program of Radio Salamat will host one of the university professors on Monday, June 20, while introducing the scientific achievements of the country. The program, produced by Marjan Ghandi and aired on Mondays at 9 am, is hosted today by Mohammad Taghi Karimi, Professor of Orthosis and Prosthodontics at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and CEO of Danesh Bonyan Company, about spinal cord injuries as well as a piece for people with spinal cord amputations. Designed to talk.

Producer Marjan Ghandi said about the program: The narrator of this program is Aliullah Daneh, and considering the naming of 1998 by the Supreme Leader as the year of production boom, in this program, there are concrete examples of this concept in the field of business and health production. It also introduces the scientific achievements of the country.

He explained: “This program will be produced and broadcast in line with the second step of the Supreme Leader’s statements.” Our emphasis is on the principle of “we can”, which he has repeatedly emphasized in his speeches. Our goal in the program is to inject hope and trust into the elite and future youth of the country, which led us to achieve independence in the field of health and medicine.

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