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Extensive rehabilitation program of the Ministry of Health for the people of Iran

According to Fars News Agency’s Health Group, Saeed Karimi, Deputy Minister of Health, told the officials of the University of Rehabilitation Sciences and Social Health and Rafideh Rehabilitation Hospital: “According to the order of the Minister of Health, we are planning in the field of rehabilitation and intend to take appropriate measures in this field and expand.” We have rehabilitation.

He added: “Only Rafideh Rehabilitation Hospital with 100 beds can not provide rehabilitation services to the whole country and for this reason we intend to implement programs in the field of rehabilitation so that we can provide services to the whole country.”

Karimi added: “We should allocate beds for rehabilitation patients in public hospitals so that these patients, who are often in the long line of hospitalization in Rafideh Hospital, can use rehabilitation services in a timely manner and do not miss the golden time for recovery.”

“We visited many hospitals, but Rafideh is one of the few hospitals where not a single person is dissatisfied, and when talking to patients, everyone talks about the treatment process and progress,” he said. They are self-satisfied. »

Hamid Reza Khankeh, President of the University of Rehabilitation Sciences and Social Health, said during the visit: “The field of rehabilitation in our country has been neglected and due to having a 17% disabled population in society, lifestyle and lack of daily activities, traffic accidents and increasing trend As the society ages, the need for rehabilitation services is felt especially in the society, and special attention should be paid to this area.

He further pointed to the existing solutions to pay attention to the field of rehabilitation and added: allocating rehabilitation boards in public hospitals for rehabilitation patients, establishing rehabilitation schools in different parts of the country, strengthening rehabilitation accreditation criteria in the Ministry of Health, establishing a rehabilitation center and health “Social work under the Minister of Health, which has a policy-making role in the field of rehabilitation, and equipping and updating rehabilitation equipment,” are among the things that can be done to expand the field of rehabilitation.

Khankeh also suggested to the Deputy Minister of Health: The evaluation and accreditation of Tehran Rehabilitation Centers should be the responsibility of the University of Rehabilitation Sciences and Social Health for at least one year, so that this university, as the custodian of rehabilitation and social health, can conduct evaluations with specific criteria in the field of rehabilitation. Which was welcomed by the Deputy Minister of Health.

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