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Rain and lightning in Tehran

According to Moj News Agency, based on the data and meteorological forecast maps, the weather in Tehran province, during the next five days due to the intermittent activity of the partly cloudy to cloudy sky system in some hours of rain, thunderstorms, lightning and wind (sometimes severe) ) At high altitudes, precipitation is forecasted as rain, snow and blizzard with fog.

The main rainfall for today (March 6), late Wednesday (March 7) and Thursday and Friday (March 19 and 20), especially in the center and northern half of the province.

Winds (sometimes severe) are expected on Tuesday nights (March 6) and Thursdays and Fridays (March 7 and 8), especially in the southern half of the province.

Today (March 6) the relative decrease in temperature and from tomorrow to Thursday (March 6 to 7) the temperature is expected to increase.

According to the Tehran Meteorological Department, the sky in Tehran tomorrow (March 6) will be partly cloudy and gradually partly cloudy and sometimes windy with the possibility of scattered rain in the afternoon with a minimum temperature of 6 and a maximum temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and for Wednesday (March 7). Partly cloudy and gradually cloudy and sometimes windy and late in the rainy season with a minimum temperature of 9 and a maximum temperature of 16 degrees Celsius is forecast.

According to the General Meteorological Department of Tehran Province, Firorkuh-Aminabad station with a temperature of -6 degrees Celsius has been reported as the coldest point in Tehran Province in the last 24 hours.

Also, during the last 24 hours, the highest rainfall was recorded at Abali station with 3.5 mm. Rainfall in Damavand 2.5 mm, Lavasan 1 mm, Shemiranat and Imam Khomeini Airport 0.6 mm, Varamin 0.5 mm, Mehrabad and Geophysical-Tehran and Shahriar airports 0.2 mm and in Firoozkooh 0.1 mm. Receipt registration.

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