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Reflecting the tragedy of the Gaza hospital on social networks – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr reporter, it was the night of Mehr 25, 1401 when the media reported the explosion of a hospital in Gaza. According to the media, during the war with Palestine, the Zionist regime fired a rocket towards the hospital Baptist Gaza, which has caused the martyrdom and wounding of many Palestinian people.

In the early hours, virtual space and social networks quickly reacted to this tragic incident and expressed sympathy.

research Center beta In a report with data mining of social networks, he has analyzed the reflection of this incident.

According to this report, 547,000 posts were published on Twitter (X) in the early hours, and this number was published by 55,000 users.

Also, these posts are 3.5 million like Have had. The publishing speed of these posts was 37,000 posts per hour, which shows the trend The rapid development of this topic on Twitter.

On Instagram, we have seen 59 thousand posts published by 16 thousand users and 38 million like have also had The speed of publishing Instagram posts was 4 thousand posts per hour.

In Telegram, we have seen 230 thousand posts published by 15.5 thousand channels. These posts have been viewed 560 million times and their publishing speed was 15.5 thousand posts per hour.

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