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Registration of 7 intangible cultural works of Bushehr in the list of national works

According to the Arya Heritage report, Nasrullah Ebrahimi, the public relations officer of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Bushehr Province, announced this news and said: With the approval of the registration council of the relevant ministry, seven intangible cultural works of the province were registered in the list of national monuments, and their registration plates will be announced soon. .

Bushehr province’s cultural heritage deputy added: After field, library and documentary research, these works were approved by the registration council of the province and sent to the center.

He continued: traditional round dance, turning of Bushehri breasts, donating a shawl to Noha Khan during the Bushehri breast ceremony, Bandar Rig Riyaz singing ceremony, the caravan ceremony on the day of the death of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the method of making the traditional Bushehri clay oven and wearing traditional clothes. (Ganaveh, Bandar Rig and Kharg Island) are seven works that have been registered as intangible cultural heritage of Bushehr province in the list of national works.

In the end, Ebrahimi said: Our effort is to preserve and protect the historical monuments in the province, of which the intangible heritage is also a part, and the preservation and revival of these monuments can have a positive impact in addition to the transmission of culture.

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