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Registration of textbook order for 1401-1401 academic year has started – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency, the registration of textbook orders for all grades and fields of study began today, April 19th, and Register The first, seventh and tenth entrance bases will start on July 26th.

In order to develop e-government and to facilitate students’ access to textbooks, systematic supervision of the process of distribution of educational materials, registration of textbook orders for the 1401-1401 academic year in all courses, including ordinary, gifted and students with special needs (exceptional) through System to address Or It will be done in two ways, individually and in groups, equal to the announced time schedule.

For groups Intermediate (Second to sixth, eighth and ninth, eleventh and twelfth grades) from 28 April to 21 June, there is an opportunity to register an order, and for the first, seventh and tenth grades from 5 July to 11 September 1401, this possibility has been seen. Is.

Audiences can order textbooks in one of two ways, individually or in groups. In the individual method, parents and students can order their textbooks by referring to the sales and distribution system of educational materials in the section of ordering courses for students and online payment. In the group method, school principals refer to the group ordering of textbooks of the mentioned system and order textbooks on a basic (group) basis.

To enter Click here to register your textbook order site.

Motion graphics See how to register an order here.

The timeline of the textbook ordering process is also clearly shown in the image below:

According to the above calendar, parents or principals of postgraduate schools (exceptional preschool), second to sixth grade of elementary school (normal and exceptional), eighth and ninth grade of junior high school and exceptional vocational students, eleventh and twelfth grade students of secondary school ( Theoretical, technical, professional and vocational) and 11th and 12th grade students of the second year of the exceptional vocational high school, from April 17 to June 12 to register textbook orders.

Register The order of educational package for students of basic preparation (exceptional preschool), first grade of elementary school (normal and exceptional) and seventh grade of high school of exceptional vocational students and students of tenth grade of secondary school and exceptional professions will be done from July 26 to September 31.

In some cases, the student may want to modify the order in the sales and distribution system of educational materials for reasons such as changing the field of study, repeating the basic, jumping to a higher level or moving his place of study, to modify his previous order after Register Apply at the school of your place of study from 12 July to 31 September.

Style Register How is the individual and the group?

At Register This year, flexible methods are used to register textbook orders. In this regard, the audience can order textbooks through one of two individual or group methods.

In an individual mannerStudents ‘parents can order the required educational package by referring to the sales and distribution system of educational materials of the students’ course ordering section and electronic payment of the cost of the educational package.

To enter the student’s national code system, the username and six digits to the right of the student’s ID number are the “password” for logging in.

In group style, School principals refer to the textbook ordering section of the system through the documentation system and collect textbooks collectively.

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