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Remove these Google Chrome extensions

Security experts have warned Google Chrome users about several dangerous programs. If you’ve ever downloaded a Chrome app or extension, it’s worth checking your browser for red flags. Recently, “Kaspersky” mentioned a series of dangerous programs in its blog.

In the statement of the “Kaspersky” blog, it is said: “Not long ago, several dozen malicious extensions were discovered in the Chrome Web Store (the official store of browser extensions for Google Chrome). The most popular of these plugins had more than nine million downloads, and in total, these plugins have been downloaded about 87 million times.

Vladimir Palant, a cyber security researcher, identified these applications (programs). He first found an extension called “PDF Toolbox” in the Google Chrome web store and was concerned about its behavior.

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This prompted Palant to further investigate the store and discover 34 plugins that lied about their purpose and could put devices at risk. These apps are said to have been on the web store since 2021 and 2022. This means that unsuspecting users have had plenty of time to download them.

Google has since removed all extensions from its online store. If you think you may have downloaded these add-ons before uninstalling, it’s worth checking your device.

In the “Kaspersky” blog, it is mentioned that, as a rule, browser extensions ask for your consent to view and change all your data on all sites.

That is, they see absolutely everything you do on all sites and can arbitrarily change the displayed screen content.

The creators of these extensions can steal your credit card details, collect your data, and bombard you with ads. To stay safe, do your research before downloading any app or add-on.

Chrome extensions to remove

Autoskip for Youtube
Crystal Adblock
Brisk VPN
Clipboard Helper
Maxi Refresher
Quick translation
Easyview Reader view
PDF Toolbox
Epsilon Adblocker
Craft Cursors
Alfablocker ad blocker
Zoom Plus
Base Image Downloader
Clickish fun cursors
Cursor – A custom cursor
Amazing Dark Mode
Maximum Color Changer for Youtube
Awesome Auto Refresh
Venus Adblock
Adblock Dragon
Readl Reader mode
Volume Frenzy
Image download center
Font Customizer
Easy Undo Closed Tabs
Screence screen recorder
Repeat button
Leap Video Downloader
Tap Image Downloader
Qspeed Video Speed ​​Controller
Light picture-in-picture

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