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According to Tejarat News, it seems that the market of renting a national card to buy a car is still hot, and now, in addition to renting a card to participate in lotteries, the national card is also rented out to buy a car from the commodity exchange. Tejaratnews research shows that the price of renting a national card to buy a car from the commodity exchange reaches 30 million tomans and it varies depending on the type of car.

It was in May of this year that the sale of cars in the commodity exchange began, and during this period 141 car models (separated by color and features) were offered in the commodity exchange.

Most of these cars have been very well received in the commodity exchange and even some applicants objected to the small number of these supplies.

The condition of buying a car from the commodity exchange

According to the law on buying cars on the commodity exchange, “each national code is only allowed to buy one of the cars offered on the commodity exchange.” This means that each buyer can buy only one car model from the stock exchange; That is, if they buy 206 today, they will not be able to participate in Lamari supply the next day.

This restriction has been established with the aim of cutting off dealers from the car market so that real and consumer applicants can participate in buying cars from the commodity exchange. The car market also calms down because of this.

Any person over the age of 18 with a national code can buy a car from the stock exchange with a stock code and product code; Provided that the applicant has not bought a car from car manufacturers since 1998.

Renting a national card to buy from the commodity exchange

Renting a national code to buy a car was in the news for the first time in the midst of the Ministry of Security’s lottery plan, and as the lotteries continued, the sales market of the national code remained hot and busy.

Surveys show that the national card rental market is hot on the Dewar site, and some also post advertisements on the websites and cyberspace about the sale of national cards, each of which has a different price.

Renting a national card to buy a car has been discussed even before the car was released in the commodity exchange, and still, this market is heating up again with the start of any sales plan by the car manufacturers.

Now, with the release of cars in the stock market, this market is experiencing new transactions. But do both ends of the deal benefit from this trade?

Currently, the cars sold in the commodity exchange have a price difference between 20 and 300 million tomans compared to the open market. This issue makes some people look for buying a car from the stock market and selling it in the open market; But is this method profitable?

card rental; 30 million tomans!

A well-informed source told Tejarat News that the sale of stock codes is not very popular in the market for buying cars, and currently, most people close to each other such as friends, acquaintances or family members share their codes with each other. However, sometimes the same action is done in the form of a transaction, and depending on the type of car, it results in a profit of 2 to 30 million tomans for the national code lessor.

Examining the costs of registering a car order, the period of money sleeping in the commodity exchange until the delivery of the car and the price difference with the open market show that renting a national code to buy a car from the commodity exchange is not very profitable for the dealer.

Getting the exchange code and product code is a lot of trouble and takes at least two working days from a person; After placing an order in the commodity exchange, the person must win the competition by asking for the highest and best price of the car, which also causes unprofessional people many other problems.

At the same time, if someone wants to rent his stock code to buy falcon from the commodity exchange, he will not earn a profit because falcon is traded at the factory door price, and as a result, the broker has not made any profit from this game.

In this way, it can be said that although some news indicates a transaction of 100 million tomans is the national code for buying a car from the commodity exchange, but in the market floor, this kind of transaction is not very popular and presenting large numbers will be considered a form of market making.

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