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Examining the comprehensive plan “Empowerment of women heads of households” in Behesht

According to Fars report, the review of the empowerment plan for women heads of households was put on the table of the members of the city council.

Narges Mandaripour, the head of the social committee of the city council, said in this regard: This plan was developed based on paragraph 2 of article 73 of the third development plan, of course it was the responsibility of the municipality to present this issue in the form of a bill, but since the municipality did not approve this bill We presented it in the form of a plan.

He continued: Based on this plan, the municipality is obliged to empower women heads of households with the participation of civil and government institutions.

According to Mandaripour, our target community is women whose husbands have died, divorced people, abusive women, girls whose celibacy has been decided and are responsible for the family’s livelihood, as well as unmarried girls who are responsible for the family’s livelihood due to the death of the guardian. have.

Tavaklizadeh, the deputy of social affairs of Tehran municipality, also said: the field of policy and strategies is in the general women’s department, but the budget and credits are seen in the social organization.

He continued: If you want to give the budget and issues to the General Directorate of Women, a structural change must be done. Because the General Department of Women is active under the Cultural Vice-Chancellor and needs to reform the structure.

According to this report, clauses of this plan were reviewed, but due to lack of time, it was postponed to the next meeting.

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